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No description

maggie plum

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of grasslands

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli grassland is a large rolling terrains of grasses and herbs grasslands are located in central North America, central Russia and Siberia ,sub equatorial Africa and south America ,most of southern India ,and northern Australia There are lots of animals at grasslands like the zebra ,african elephant ,bison ,black rhinoceros ,black footed ferret ,brown hyena ,giraffe ,prairie chicken ,lion ,ostrich ,blacked tailed prairie dog ,pronghorn ,and the warthog. grasslands also have alot of plants like flowers i have never even heard of ,there is the milkweed/pleurisy root ,showy spurge (flowering spurge),dense blazing star,wila beramont ,grey headed cone flower ,iron weed ,new England aster ,smooth aster ,golddenrod Plants living in grasslands must be adapted to taking advantage of spring rains to grow and also to talerate dry dry summer conditions (drought).Grasslands are good at using winter snow as insulation. Because there are so many plants the snow gets trapped amongst to the leaves and stems. 3 characteristics about grasslands: The topography is characterized by rolling hills and valleys. Grasslands are generally at either altitudes or high latitudes. They are often characterized by the presence of many wetlands. In grasslands the shrubs and trees are restricted by fire and frost to protect kloofs and rock areas. GRASSLANDS i learned alot about grasslands thank you Mrs. Coker i would like to give thanks to nate bonner and alexsis varadi but mostly alexsis :) By:Maggie Plum :)
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