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Community Presentation

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Eman Nour El-Kholy

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Community Presentation

Importance of Nutrition for pregnant females Subjects & Methods

Target population :
pregnant females at Kasr Alainy antenatal clinic.

Type of the study :
cross sectional.

Sample size :
90 4-Walking & some muscle building exercises to strength the muscles involved in childbirth.

5-Wearing wide clothes and low heeled shoes.

6-Daily baths as the skin glands are more active during pregnancy. proteins fats carbohydrates Proper nutrition is important for Mother’s health and the embryonic development .
1-Macronutrients ( protein, carbohydrates &fats) :provides calories for energy for body function & development of the fetus .
Demands increase in pregnancy ( 1st:1800 cal -3rd: 2400 cal). Important nutritional components for pregnant females The conception and the subsequent weeks afterwards is the time when it is at its most vulnerable, as it is the time when the organs and systems develop within.

During the early stages of pregnancy adequate amount of nutrients should be consumed as the placenta which protect the embryo from the inherited deficiencies is not yet formed. Importance of nutrition during pregnancy Identifying provided services, nutrition and lifestyle knowledge & practice among pregnant women at KasrAlainy 1- Identify Services Provided to pregnant women
2- Assess Nutritional Knowledge & practice among pregnant women at Kasr Alainy ANC clinic.
3- Determine lifestyle practice among pregnant women at Kasr Alainy ANC clinic. Objectives Lifestyle is a very important issue for pregnant women:

1-regular visits to her health care provider.

2-Eliminates caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco
And over the counter medications.

3-Get enough rest & avoid heavy physical work. Healthy life style for pregnant women fruits vegetables ( vitamins & minerals ): Support growth of cells & tissues & prevent diseases
*400 mg of folic acid per day can prevent spina bifida in newborns.
*B vitamin in green vegetables, can prevent spina bifida.
*vitamin D intake can reduce the risk your child will develop asthma.
Structured interview questionnaire.

Operational definitions :
*water intake/day:
- more than 6 glasses____adequate.
- less______not adequate.

*Calcium intake :
- every day______ good.
- not every day_____faire.
- no intake______ Bad. 2-Micronutrients Study tool : Health education for the medical staff to improve the quality of provided services and fulfill different components of ANC.
Increase awareness of pregnant women about the healthy nutrition and proper lifestyle and their importance during pregnancy.
Awareness about the harm of passive smoking. Recommendations Conclusion Table 10: Frequency and percent Distribution of Studied Sample by Place of ANC and Lifestyle Practices Table 7: Frequency and percent Distribution of Studied Sample by Place of ANC and knowledge Graph 2: Percent Distribution of the Studied Population by Place of ANC and Expected Delivery type Table 5: Frequency and Percent distribution of the Studied Sample by Place of ANC and medical and Obstetric History Table 4: Frequency and percent Distribution of the Studied Sample by Number of children and Place of ANC Table 3 : Occupation characteristics of the studied sample Table 2: Education Characteristics of the Studied Sample Graph 1: Percent Distribution of
the Studied Sample by Place of ANC Table 1: Age Distribution of Studied Sample Table 6: Frequency and percent Distribution of Studied Sample by Place of ANC and Provided Services Thank You Table 9: Frequency and percent Distribution of Studied Sample by Place of ANC and Vitamin & Caffeine intake Low quality of provided ANC services.
Moderate of knowledge about Nutrition and healthy life style for pregnant woman.
The following findings were shown among Kasr Al Ainy ANC clinic attendants:
Low intake of fruits.
High intake of tea and coffee.
passive smoking & lack of rest.
,Indicating Un-healthy lifestyle practices.
Table 8: Frequency and percent Distribution of Studied Sample by Place of ANC and Protein intake
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