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Luke Dunne

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Luke Dunne E-Commerce P1 - Technologies used
within E-Commerce Browsers Web Authoring Software IP Address Database Systems Domain Names Multiple Domain Registration In this part of the presentation i will discuss
the technologies that are largely used used within
e-commerce and what they are used for. A browser is a piece of software which allows
the user access to the internet. Within a browser
various things can be viewed such as web
pages , images or videos.

The first web browser came to the world in 1990.

The most used web browser of 2013 is Google Chrome with a 41.9% Share

Examples of web browsers include google chrome (the most popular) , internet explorer and safari Web authoring software is a development software which allows a user to create and design websites for the use of the public. The HTML code within the web authoring software is created by what the creator has chosen to put on there website. You can also make changes to coding create and master the exact design of your own website.

One of the most popular web authoring software's is Adobe Dreamweaver , the software allows you to create and develop websites to use online. A database system is a way of storing and keeping
organaized with a collection of various data. For example on your home computer this might be the file management system which includes your documents , pictures and music being put in a certain location.

However within business a database system can be used to store details of customers , stock and product details

A company such as TESCO would use a database system to produce details on the products they stock, there staff and the variety of products they have An IP Address is an address for a website which
is stored in numbers. This address helps identify
a certain website or host allowing you the user
to connect to it

For example
You would type www.google.com however the
IP Address it is found by is A domain name is another type of identification
used online. However this time it is used to
identify the host name and other such things as
who owns the website , the security of the website
and who has control of the website.

For example within the UK google would use google.co.uk however in Italy for localized versions the web address would be google.it Registering multiple domain names has been
thought of as a better idea in the industry due
to the fact that there will be many times where
links will be needed to be found online. If there
are too many repeats of a certain link. Search
engines will block these out. Therefore for
your business to be more enabled. Multiple
domains are in fact quite useful

An example of this would be if yahoo brought yahooo.co.uk as well as just yahoo as a domian
because they know users might spell the name of
there website wrong or just type the name of the
website in with no address features Ports & Protocols A PORT is an allowed access for a certain website
or software. This helps the computer gain access to what is required from it. There are three different port ranges.

A PROTOCOL is a system which a compter follows to allow access to a certain website or software. It is a standard in computing as to gain access to something a set of rules needs to be in place. This is where protocol comes in handy

An example of a PORT would be HTTP this is used to access websites with http:// Browser & Platform Capability Browser and Platform capability involve such things
as the screen resolution your website uses , the color limitations that are allowed on your website , the frame size you use and also the ability for your website to use JavaScript (A computer programming language) all of these have to be considered if your
website is going to be used across various computers and various

For example on an iPad any website using flash will not work with the corresponding features due to the fact that an iPad is not designed to work with Flash P2 - WHY E COMMERCE? In this part of the presentation I will discuss just why iGadget needs to use E Commerce in helping its business operate. I will talk through the pros and cons to using e commerce and talk about what it can provide to your business Positive #01 - Buying & Selling Buying & Selling becomes easier when setting up
a website. The processs becomes better for both your
customer and yourself.

SEARCHING for a product is made easier for your customer as using key terms they can search for the exact product they want and locate it easily.

SELLING is faster as the customer is entering the detail themselves and can keep the detail securely kept on your website. Making it easier for them to buy again

SECURITY is something which makes buying and selling easier online. Using online banking tools the exact money is taken out of the customers account and the customer is shown this straight away Positive #02 - Global Market EXPANSION. Using e commerce is a great way
to expand your business beyond the border , you
will be able to sell your products in multiple amounts
of different countries

NO NEED TO SET UP SHOP with a website , there will be no need to create shops in various other countries whereas your business in the UK will become brick and click. Expanding worldwide would allow you to become a click business

MORE SALES setting up a website and expanding to a worldwide market will ensure that your business has more sales then it has ever had before Positive #03 - Costs ADVERTISING is something to be considered
when moving into e commerce. Using such
social networks at Twitter , Tumblr and Facebook
you will be able to promote your business completly free. Most social networks also allow business to set up promotional pages which are not that high in cost

MATERIALS that are needed for the customer will be able to be sourced closer to there location. Cutting costs for you when deilevery products.

STAFF will not have to be a worry of yours as a website can be set up and created in house. Meaning that your current staff will be able
to look after the website you create. Positive #04 - Product Allocation NAVIGATION is made easier for the
customer as customer would be able to
search the website based on key terms they
base on the product or even use a product number to easily source the product

NO CATALOUGES with a website set up
catalouges will become a thing of the past
as all your information will be placed online
cutting down on paper work and costs Positive #05 - Deals ENTICING new customers will become
an easy experience as deals could be setup
and promoted online which give the customer the chance to try something new. This will lead to the...

CREATION of new customers if a customer sees a deal they are most likely to search out other deals which your company has going. Therefore creating more sales and brand new customers all by promoting one or two products Positive #06 - Specification DETAIL will be able to be provided to
the customer if creating a website for your
business. The customer will be able to look
at what the product can offer this help as the
customer cannot see the product

COMPARISON can also be done by the customer
if enough detail is provided. The customer can see
what one product compared to another has to offer
all with the help of a specification Negative #01 - Customer Response ESTABLISHED business may be something
you notice changing when moving to e commerce
some customers may take the move to e commerce
as a good thing. However those who have not made
the move themselves will not like the changes being made

PRODUCT QUALITY is something which will be a priority of the customer when shopping online , if they can not see the product then they will worry about if they are receiving what they set out to buy

NO TRUST IN E COMMERCE will be noticeable when moving to e commerce , customers may feel like they do not trust there money being taken online , A receipt sent to there email address and screens telling them there money is safe , provides a secure blanket for you customers Negative #02 - Hacking WORRIES about hacking will be on a customers
mind whilst shopping online , it is your job as a business to protect the customers and yourself in the
most secure way when using e commerce

HACKING into your details or a customers details will loose your company large amounts of money , therefore your account details and your customers detail need to be secure with LOG INS to keep help secure everyone who uses the website Negative #03 - New Costs DELIVERY COSTS will need to be considered as
an expansion worldwide means that new costs are
going to come to your company

OTHER COMPANIES will have to be considered when
thinking about how you will get your products to
companies worldwide

SECURITY becomes an issue when you have to lay trust in outside companies you have never heard of , always do your research OVERALL OUTCOME E COMMERCE can be considered a good
thing , it allows your company to expand beyond what you are currently able to do

MORE PROS THEN CONS when it comes to
looking at the reasoning behind moving to E Commerce , there's more good things than bad things

KEEP IT SLOW moving to e commerce can seem
daunting however if the process is done slowly then customers and your business can get used new brand new things M1 - Promotional Methods For E-Commerce Within this part of the presentation i will look at how
with e commerce you can allow your business to be expand through new methods of promotion. Free Method : Google Places Listing your business on a service such as Google
Places will allow your business to be promoted in more places that you ever could as just a brick business.

With google places your business will be made more internet friendly. For example your business will show up on google maps when people are looking in the area of where your business is , also by using google places you can promote your business higher up on a google search page and it will allow people to search google using words they associate with your business and also find your business much easier Free Method : Social Media TWITTER will allow you to tweet as many times as
you like with less that 140 characters to promote your business in as many ways as you want. using words , pictures , videos and more, it also allows you to connect to your customer and answer there questions

YOU TUBE will allow you to create promotional videos so your customers can see what your company provides and also if your company can provide what they need. Allowing a trusty relationship between customers that you cannot reach

FACEBOOK will allow you to promote your business with a page where users can "Like" or "Subscribe" to your business for updates on deals , promotions , etc

TUMBLR will allow you to blog about your business , giving you the chance to give detail about your products and also show off concepts and new ideas that your business have. Allowing a diary to be produced for your customers so they can see the goings on off your business. Free Method : Forum Creating a forum for your customers will
allow them to express there views on your
products and services. This is a also a great way
of getting valid user feedback from your customers
and helps you know what you need to do to create and compete with other businesses.

Joining a forum as a representative of your business will allow you to get first access to people who might be asking where they can get certain supplies or products which your business might be able to provide.

An example of a forum to join is money saving expert. This forum is dedicated to the consumer and finding cheap ways of being able to buy things. Free Method : E Mail E mail is another great way of providing details
to your customers. Using email you can send
customers newsletters of promotional advertisements to allow them access to what is currently going on in your business. Like putting a flyer through a customers door a promotional email will allow customers to get details about what is currently going on in your business. Promotional Method : Paying for a good URL. If you use a site name which relates to your business then you will be able to gain more customers more simply by them typing the name of your business in. For example naming your website www.igadetbuisnesswebsite.co.uk/home will not get your business that many customers as with a URL like this not many customers will be able to remember and figure out what the name of your website actually is , however keeping it simple with something like igadget.com will help promote your business to the masses and allow easy access to your website.

EBAY is a good example of this if typing EBAY.COM or ebayy.com the web addresses are still redirected to ebay.com the actual website Promotional Method #02 : Advertising On
YouTube Using YouTube as a source for advertisement can also be a worthwhile source of advertising. Adverts can be put over videos based on what you have searched for or on any video that can be viewed on YouTube , Adverts can last between 30 seconds and a minute and can have a 5 second skip if the viewer feels like they do not want to watch the advert. Also adverts can be seen on the sides of video and promotional adverts can appear on the video which appear with exit buttons. Promotional Method #03 - User Interface For customers to gain trust in using your website you must not ensure that not only your website feels safe and secure but you must ensure that the layout is easy to use and nice to look at.

If you design your website and your customers cannot find what they are looking for then these people will simply not come back , your website must have

- The same layout on each and every page
- A consistent color scheme
- Noticeable search box Conclusion Being able to promote your business has become
a much easier process that it ever has been previously due to the birth of websites such as Twitter , Facebook and YouTube

There are a lot of free methods out there which can help promote your business

It is cheaper to promote your business online then it is in the real world. P3 - Potential Security Risks Within this part of the presentation i will cover
the potential security risks that might threaten your
website. Step 1 : Authentication Unless you allow your customers to AUTHENTICATE
themselves online , then your customers details could be hacked into and taken from them

In 2011 35.4% of peoples details were taken from them whilst shopping online according to the FFA

An easy way of allowing a customer to authenticate themselves is to allow them to.
- Set up an account your website
- A user name and password should be required
- Make sure you customers are REQUIRED to have a password which is unique to them
- Allow the customer to set up security questions to also allow them to authenticate if any issues do occur Step 2 : Auditing If you set up your website and allow your stock to be sold online then an easy way to avoid fraud is to AUDIT your products.

An example of where this could happen is if a customer was to buy 2 products but somehow manage to bypass your security system and only pay for 1 , therefore by auditing your products you will be able to see where products have gone and if the correct quantities have gone out. ATTACK METHOD - Trickery If someone was to attack your business than a way
they might operate is by pretending to work for your
company. By doing this they might be able to extract
the customers information , extract details from your company and be able to get into your website or your customers details without even alerting you to a security risk ATTACK METHOD : HACKING HACKING is a serious issue within the e commerce
world. It can cause many issues within e commerce including Theft , Identity Theft and Vandalism.

Theft - If a hacker was able to hack into your website than monies could be stolen from associated bank accounts

Identity Theft (Also done through trickery) - The identity of either you , your customers and your business can be stolen and molded for someone else and used by this person

Vandalism surprisingly can also happen online , if a hacker can into your website then major changes could be made to your website including design and web server name ATTACK METHOD : PASSWORDS If a password is easily guessable anyone will be able
to use an account. Passwords have become something of a worry to everyone as people are not using strong enough passwords. Any password with less than 4 letters or no numbers will probably be able to be guessed extremely quickly. Allowing a hacker access to any of your details because you have not protected your details enough. ATTACK METHOD : BASE STATION As well as hacking into your website and being able
to get details from you , hackers may focus on being able to hack into your business from where your business is actually located. This is done through the WIFI Connection that your business is using.

If your businesses name is IGADGETWIFI and is it not protected than it is pretty sure that you are leaving yourself open to attacks from local hackers.

Attacking your business from the forefront is just as likely as being attacked by a hacker anywhere else in the world M2 - Overcoming Security Risks Within this part of the presentation i will introduce
methods which can help your business overcome the security risks faced when moving into e commerce Step 3 : Digital Signatures A DIGITAL SIGNATURE is a reassurance method if
the customer can see that you have signed the transaction and dated it each time by using a digital signature then the customer can see that you have authenticated the product and sale and will feel assured that they will be receiving the product.

This will ensure the customer that there have been no tampering whilst the product is being dispatched or the monies are being collected Step 4 : SSL SSL (also known as a Secure Digital Certificate) is a way of authenticating the security of your website. By using a SSC Certificate you as a business are identifying yourself a genuine e commerce business you are giving your customer the security that the website they are using will not take there details but however will use them where required.

If your business was to use SSL then VERISIGN is a highly recommended method as this provides your business with a unique identity A firewall can be a major help in securing your
network and business however it can be compromised if not suited to your business for example..

IS IT THE RIGHT TYPE OF NETWORK > Make sure that the firewall you are choosing is the correct type , choose one that is suited for a business not a home network

UPDATE WHEN NECESSARY > If your firewall software is asking you to update it is doing this because it feels like something could attack it easily , update as much as necessary

WORMS & VIRUSES > A virus could attack your firewall the hardest , if a link is opened or a untrusted piece of software is installed them it could get through your firewall ATTACK METHOD : FIREWALL Step 5 : Securing Your
WIFI Network As previously discussed the WI-FI network your
business can easily be hacked into if your network
is not secure. To secure your WI-FI network you should

- Set a password for the network
- Change the password every 2 - 3 months
- Set a user name which is not obvious that it is the network for your business
- Use WPA2 to protect your wireless network (this can be set up and changed within the setup of your WIFI network) Conclusion To conclude P3 + M2 i would say that although
there are many risks with the correct prevention
methods installed your business will survive and thrive within e commerce

Top tips to keeping your business secure
- Strong passwords
- Encryption
- Use Security Certificates
- Secure your WI-FI network
- Audit your products
- Use authentication D1 : Business comparison Within this part of the presentation i will talk about
an already existing brick and click business and evaluate the pros and cons against how it has evolved HOW HAS THE BUSINESS EVOLVED USING BRICK & CLICK ? TOPSHOP/TOPMAN is a well established
UK Business. Founded it 1964 as "Peter
Robinson's Topshop" the brand has evolved
beyond recognition. It's expansion into
commerce has proved extremely successful
and has allowed the company to expand way
beyond its original marketing stance. E Commerce operations for topshop and topman operate all over the world through a highly modern website. The website is simple and items that people want to find can be found easily by either searching or looking through the necessary sections. An example of an effective email newsletter is the TOPMAN newsletter sent out on a monthly basely to customers. This gives the customers a high amount of detail For example when i type amazon into
google this happens as a result of
amazon being listed on google places

- The first result is dedicated so amazon's local website

- The second result is amazon's official twitter page apple.com is a good example of an e-commerce
website which has used a great user interface. The
website has a consistent layout running throughout
and provides easy information for the user through
a recognizable interface TOPMAN / TOPSHOP once only sold there clothes
and accessories to the UK Only however with an
expansion into e commerce options became available
to the customers worldwide. Customers were available
to buy items in dollars and euros meaning that it was easy to buy items on the same website. TOPMAN / TOPSHOP expanded there website out to get more of there products sold worldwide. The expansion into selling in euros and
dollars lead TOPSHOP/TOPMAN into the
selling in australian dollars , new zeland
dollars and many other currenceys. TOPSHOP
TOPMAN were foucsing on expanding there
buisness way beyond the borders however only
using e-commerce. Once expanding into e commerce , TOPSHOP
TOPMAN took the decison that they would expand
there brick buisness beyond the border. In 2009 - the current year of 2013 TOPSHOP TOPMAN have now opened stores in Australia , US , Canada and other european locations. With TOPSHOP / TOPMAN's expansion into
other countries there has proved to be many
positive points to expanding using e commerce
these include

. Being able to sell more products than ever before
. Being able to be come a multi-international company
. Profits being at an all time high with the company
recogned to be worth £2 Billion
. A ever going expansion into new markets A TOPMAN / TOPSHOP store opened in the US. Earnings in the USA are now nearly equaling to those of the UK. Downsides to E-Commerce expansion for

Allthough the buisness has expanded way beyond
belief and is now reconged to be worth £2Billion the buisness has seen many high points. However
the buisness has probably seen some down points

Setup costs for stores worldwide
Getting into new markets worldwide
Establshing a big enough customer base to
open stores worldwide
Earning profits from opening worldwide OVERALL OUTCOME
- To summarise this whole presentation and the points we have gone over e commerce as a whole is a great thing to expand into we ave seen many high points and many low points but however the high points and the postives of expanding into e commerce will always outweigh the negatives and this is something to think about.

E commerce will be part of the future of buying and selling , wil you be apart of it ?
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