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student Action with Farmworkers

jose lopez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of SAF

Agenda Farmworkers The Job - farm work Housing SAF The problem Student Action
with Farmworkers Student Action with Famworkers By Jose David Lopez Personal
Experience Farmworkers The problem The organization How we can help 2-3 million farmworkers in the US 75% were born in Mexico 94% are native spanish speakers 80% are male and younger than 31 Campamentos (camps) State regulations - 16-30 workers per house - Next to agricultural fields - No transportation - 1 wash tub for every 30 workers - 1 toilet for every 15 workers - 1 shower for every 10 workers H2A program 1 of the 3 most dangerous occupations in the US Minimum age for farm work is 12 Agriculture labor - Harvesting - Planting - Cultivating - Family annual income = $16,000 - Second lowet paid job; second only to domestic labor Average annual income: $11,000 Starvation Human rights/social justice Children on the fields Health Issues - Living conditions - Safety equipment not provided Non profit organization - 1992 Improve conditions for farmworkers Educate consumers Bring students and farmworkers together - Health - Legal - Social service What can we do Into the fields program Fellowship program Donations: money, food, etc. SAF store: t-shirts and books SAF mailing list: documentaries, etc www.saf-unite.org Every time we sit at a table to
enjoy the fruits and vegetables
from our good earth;
Remember that they come from the work of men and women and children who have been exploited for generations
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