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Arthur Miller

No description

Allison Emeott

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Arthur Miller

By Allison Emeott and Ruben Ramirez Arthur Miller Birth Awards After high school he worked in a warehouse to save up to attended college. College Mary Slattery 1940-1956 (Divorced)
Children: Jane and Robert Wives Born: October 17th, 1915
Harlem, Manhattan, New York Parents: Isidore Miller and Augusta nee Barnett
Siblings: Joan Copeland and Kermit Miller Early Life Middle Age Death All of My Sons Pre 1929 His father was a successful shopkeeper. Post 1929 He lived in the Upper East side of Manhattan. His family moved to Gravesend, Brooklyn following the Wall Street Crash. He attended Abraham Lincoln High School where he had mediocre grades. It took him multiple tries, but was eventually accepted to University of Michigan in 1934. While at U of M he won the Avery Hopwood Play Writing Award to pay for college. He switched from a journalism major to an English major. In 1938 he joined the Federal Theater Project, a New Deal program.
He worked for the program writing radio plays until the end of the program 2 years later. In 1940 he started writing his most successful plays and continued to his death. The largest issues to his success was his possible affiliation to Communism. He passed away from heart failure on February 10th, 2005 in Roxbury, Connecticut. This was the 56th anniversary of the opening of Death of a Salesman. He almost married a 34 year old Agnes Barley but died before the wedding. Inge Morath 1962-2002 (Her Death)
Children: Rebecca and Daniel
Daniel was born with Down Syndrome and was institutionalized. Marilyn Monroe 1956-1961 (Divorced) He wrote The Misfits for her but split before its premiere. Marilyn Monroe Life Works Bibliography Death of a Salesman "All My Sons Summary." Shmoop. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2013.
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<literature.proquestlearning.com/critRef/displayItemById.do?QueryType=reference&forAuthor=3125&BackTo=Author Page&ItemID=bio3125 pqllit_ref_lib>.
"Death of a Salesman Summary." Shmoop. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2013.
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"MAJOR WORKS with Brief Synopses: [still under Construction]." MAJOR
WORKS with Brief Synopses: [still under Construction]. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2013
Maughan, Jennifer. " Fun Arthur Miller Facts - Life123." Articles and
Answers about Life - Life123. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2013. <http://www.life123.com/arts-culture/american-authors/arthur-miller/fun-arthur-miller-facts.shtml>. The Crucible A play taking place in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials. A group of girls pretend to be bewitched and accuse people they dislike of witchcraft. This is an allegory of the Red Scare in Hollywood. Is about a family that is broken due to the missing/death of a son in World War II. This dysfunctional family is struggling with the fact that Larry, the missing brother could be dead but the mom does not want to accept it. The mother thinks the father was the cause because he sent out faulty airplane parts and Larry was a pilot. The play ends in a tragedy. Other Works Arthur Miller has also written
Fiction: Focus, I Don't Need You Anymore; Homely Girl, A life and Other stories
Non Fiction: Situation Normal, In Russia, and In The Country
Screenplays: The Misfits This play is about an older man with declining help who tries to get a job locally after almost crashing his car multiple times. Willy, the salesman and his wife Linda are struggling financially so their sons Biff and Happy try to help out. Chaos ensues and things go downhill from there. Stage plays
Non fiction
Radio plays
Screenplays Tony Award: All My Sons
New York Circle Critic’s Award: All My Sons
Tony Award: Death Of A Salesman
Pulitzer Prize: Death Of A Salesman
New York Drama Circle Critic’s Award: Death Of A Salesman
Tony Award: The Crucible
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