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The Amazing Alicia Keys

No description

abrianna barnett

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of The Amazing Alicia Keys

by; Abrianna Barnett The life of Alicia keys WHEN SHE WAS BORN Alicia keys was born January 25,1981
in New York city where she graduated from
a performing arts collage. PIANO LESSONS Alicia started piano lessons at age 7 but she wasn't
very good until age 10. at age 11 she had her first
piano recital . SINGER WHO SHE MARRIED Alicia was married to Swizz beats on
June 13,2010, swizz beats real name is
(Kasseem Dean) and had a baby named
Egypt Daun Dean on October 18,2010. Alicia became a singer around age 5 but she got a record deal at age 15 and three years later she had her first CD called diary. WHY I LOVE ALICIA I love Alicia Keys because
her music is sooooo... insperational to me. Alicia's Parents Alicia lived with her mom
Teresa "Terria" Augello we dont know his fathers name because he wasn't around when she was little. Grammy Awards Alicia won A MTV award for best video of the song fallin in 2002. ALICIA'S DAD Alicia's dad had walked out
on her when she was a kid
but she reunited with her father
at age 20 witch was after she became famous at first she thought it was for that reason
but she realized that it wasn't. Alicia has it all Alicia has everything
she could ever wish for she has her dad,a son,a mother,husband,
and a music career. And that'sthe life of
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