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Ben Ansell

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Love

Love A shot Of Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol The colour section and the black and white represent something similar to a Greek Diffticon which makes her a Maria (Religious icon) portraying her as being a saint of her time. The black and white side is colorless and blurry which reflects her tragic life story. The duplication of her face shows a lack of understanding of her personality. The piece depicts her as a manufactured product produced on a belt, this is significant because people only new her from the films and not her real life story. There are imperfections in the print which shows a defected product that industry keeps on duplicating until she’s gone. The Original Picture. The idea behind this picture was that the love written on the duct tape was smothering the mouth of the child. The smothering stop the child from talking and having freedom to say what they want. The heart shows a deeper love, not only is love stopping the child from speaking it also a scared the child, marked them and changed the way they are for the rest of there life. The entire image is black and white except for the letters making up the word love which is in electric red, this cause the letter to pop out in your face and the message of the picture is obvious. The image is also grainy which helps the love stand out even more. With this edit of the original picture the love letters aren't anywhere obvious in the other image, also instead of the child being in black and white, the image is edited to sepia which is effectively a brown 'tint'. These two images show the face striped down to its basic shapes drawing the complexity away from the face and towards the text. To get from the original image to the back and white image I edit the photo changing the contrast and brightness of the image until the basic features of the face emerged. Silk Painting Pen Drawing Stencil Andy Warhol is of interest to me because of the way he uses the simplicity of a basic print to illustrate the life of Marilyn Monroe. By taking the face down to its raw colors and shapes and distorting some of them while others remains pure fits perfectly within my project. My Bed Tracy Emin The inspiration behind Emins work was that the bed was based on a situation the occurred in her past. She experience serious suicidal depression which was brought on by relationship difficulties and she was in her bed for several days and the art piece that she created represents the bed after these several days. I wanted to use faces as a way of expressing that love had scarred and changed the way we are and how we act from and early age. I started by looking at the face of a child and finding a way of signifying the overbearing power and control of the love, not the love that we feel for friends but the binding love between parent and child, that is there from the start and have have a drastic impact on you life. I wanted to focus on specific features on the face strongly represent the true emotions someone is feeling rather than the mask they are putting on. I chose the eye because you can't control the emotions that the eye shows, even if the rest of you face is false you eyes will always represent you true feelings. I started off with a basic picture of someone's eye, the eye which is the main feature of this pictures is lacking expression, you can tell little about the emotion on there face by looking at this picture I then took the eye and edited it. I increased the contrast on the picture drastically so that the eye would be the obvious subject of the picture. By keeping with the theme of love I made the pupil into a heart shape, just like the hearts on the faces this again is the 'stamp' left behind by the love pressured on the subject. The tears of blood show the intense pain the subject is feeling but also shows the emotional side, not only is there pain there is also emotional damage. In this particular picture the subject looks trapped and has no escape. As well as there being duct tape and handcuffs there are also the white bars. The bars give the image a further dimension, the subject is placed in shadows while the bars have the full light shifting the focus of the image to the bars rather than the subject which is pushed into the background. The shirt which the subject is wearing is covered in words such as suffocated, coated and muffled. I picked these words in particular because they are words we associate with being stuck and having no chance of escaping to freedom. By writing the words on the shirt The main idea with the next set of images was to develop the ideas created in the section beforehand, but taking the duct tap used in the images and exploring other ways of expressing the over-bearing power of love. By making the image black and white you strip it down to its core focusing more attention on the tear rather than the iris and pupil. On top of the duct take I tried to find other ways of representing restriction such as handcuffs. The handcuffs signify the love having 'your hands tied' and being restrained in what you can do. Also handcuffs also represent that someone has the control over you because to be freed from the handcuffs you need the key, just like someone has the key the the lock of love controlling you. Origami Hearts Beds I started to look at beds as a way of representing being smothered by love. The bed is a place we associate with being a safe place where we can seek refuge, but by changing its context you could change the bed from being a save cosy heaven into a prison where your trapped and smothered by the sheets. In this picture the warm colours and atmosphere created by the picture gives the bed a warm homely feel. The pillow on the bed just adds to the warmth of the image. As soon as you change the colours in the picture by taking the warm colours out suddenly the room becomes a lot darker and less inviting. Also by taking the colour pillow out of the bed your just left with white sheets which focuses the eyes on the colourless empty uninviting bed. This image is edited to represent the bed in an even darker and less inviting condition. Also you can make out is the ghostly white it sheets and around then is just black, you have no idea what the black is covering, putting the bed into a mysterious situation and changing the bed from what was a warm inviting safe heaven to a untrustworthy unsafe place. Burning Heart Caged Love In this series of pictures the hearts float of into the darkness. The hearts are only visible by the candle light which only reaches so fair plunging the hearts into darkness.
This shows the hearts trying to 'break away' from the candle light but as soon as they do they are left in an unknown environment, this represents that once we grow up and leave home and that love becomes more distant we soon learn that we have little experience of the outside world because the love has block experiences from the outside world making it hard for us to grow up. Bottled Love Typography In this project I'm going to be approaching the subject of love, not the love we feel for friends but the binding love between parent and child. I wont be looking at the positive side of this bond but rather the negative affects it can have on the child, and look at the possibility that this love could stop the child from being what they should be.

Looking at the bond between parents and child may actually bind them and control them, stopping them from feeling free will and making them feel trapped as if there is no escape. Eyes I wanted to experiment with using text so I looking into typography. I approached typography by using it in an ironic sense, by using words we associate with kindness such as 'love' but then using materials to create the words which have completely different uses. Chains seemed like a suitable material to using because we associate chains with binding and keeping things locked down which fits really well with the theme of the parents overbearing 'love' on the child binding them down and keeping them locked away. I chose this wood partially because of the nails. From a distance all you can see is the wood, no nails which represents the first layer of the 'love' between parent and child, but just as you get closer to the wood the nails become visible the pain in the love between child and parent becomes more apparent. Just like with the wood the 'love' has a darker side which on first glance isn't apparent. In this image the nails aren't as obvious because its taken from a distance. But clearly in this image, because it is taken closer up you can see the nails in the wood. Origami
Hearts, Bed Trapped Love The bulb represents a form of cage or barrier, keeping whatever is inside under control and keeping it in check.
It shows the love from the parents cages the child stopping the child from reaching to freedom and becoming independent. But I will also be looking at how the love that parents give there children may stop them from becoming independent and always having to rely on their parents and how parents may be subconsciously try to stop there children from becoming independent because they never want there children to ever leave. The idea for the 'Heart in the Bottle' came from the classic 'Ship in the Bottle', but by putting a twist on the classic it became trapped love. Pin Cushions These set of images represent the child being caged in by the 'love'. The heart is hanging in the cage, alone with nothing else there and with no escape and no exits. The solidarity of the heart represents the child's emotions and the feeling that all they will have is the love caging them in, no one else, no friends no freedom. Soon just like if an animal was in the cage the child would because dependent on the cage/ 'love', for protection food and other things meaning that the child would never be able to escape from the 'love' because they know nothing better. The burning heart symbolizes the child being smothered by love and the longer this happens the more pain and damage it causes and by the end when the child is finally set from the parents there is only the faint fragments left of the former child, escaping in the smoke. This heart is pure and undamaged and is similar to the child when they first start off. But as it continues on more damage is caused to the pure heart the long its held within the jar. The more time spent in the jar the less that is left of the child, until there is nothing left of its original shape. Only to have the smoke that is left behind blown away by the wind. Commercialization Pencil Drawing Etching
I decided to etch this image because when you etch you take the image down to its basic lines and shapes, which makes parts of the image stand out more than others. The heart on the hand is partially striking in this image and so are the handcuffs but the rest hands are faded into the image, the etching helps highlight the significant messages in the image. The first three major objects that stand out on the image is the ductape on the mouth, the handcuffs on the wrists and the heart on the hand. These three parts of the significant parts which give the image its meaning, the heart on the hand is the mark left behind from the 'love', and the handcuffs and the ductape signify the bounds of 'love' which keep the figure trapped. Carrying on with using different mediums for making hearts I changed to material. Breaking
Down I wanted to take faces and break them down into basic shapes, talking away the complexity of a face and almost turning it into a block form. By breaking the faces down you can being to highlight significant areas of the faces and bring out important areas. I used magazine cut outs to play around with the effect and as you can see int his image the lips are incredibly striking in comparison to the rest of the face. The same applies for this image, by breaking it down into simple shapes and colors certain features in the face are highlighted, meaning you can change the main subject of the image to whatever you wanted. Once I had worked out what I wanted to do I used the technique on my images. At first glance you may just see a bunch of shapes, blocks and squiggles but if you spend longer looking at the image you can soon work out that it is in fact a heart encased in a 'prison' of shapes. This gives the image a deeper meaning the longer you look. I decided to build the heart up from shapes because its a visual representation of a heart broken into may different pieces, and just like the heart the child is broken into many different pieces. I made about 30 origami hearts and spread them out over the bed. Using the white hearts on the white bed meant you had to look harder to be able to view the hearts, it was a subtle statement. This almost invisible coating of hearts on the bed is a visual interpretation of the coating or binding 'love' which covers a child. The red heart is surrounded by the smaller white hearts, the red heart is the pure heart of the change which is slowly being encrouched by the other hearts. I then sprayed the hearts black, they are know a lot more obvious on the white backdrop, much more striking in color. This is the point in which the bounds formed by the 'love' are visually much stronger and had a lasting impact and the lack of the red heart shows there is nothing left of the original child. Inside the bottle is a blow up origami heart, which unless you didnt know how it was done you wouldn't think it was possible for the heart to be in there, just like the ship in the bottle. By putting the heart in the bottle and making it look like it impossible to be in there, it's a good representation of the child which has no possible escape from the overpowering 'love' and there is no visible possible escape. Using Photoshop I manipulated the photos to give them a darker more aery feel, giving the photo more depth and meaning. Instead of the bottle being clear its black, this means the heart stand out a lot more because its more vibrant in color on the black back drop in comparison to the white backdrop. Ice Hearts When I first started using hearts I came up with the idea of using origami hearts but I wanted to move on and find other materials to us to create hearts. I decided to make the hearts out of ice cubes. In both of these videos the ice cubes are melting, they start off a pure complete ice cube but as they melt they become less and less of what they where and the glass is released. The glass is a representation of the pain felt by the child which is created by the 'love' the heart is also acting like a prison for the glass like the 'love' for the child. To make my ice cube I colored water and froze glass in with the rest of the heart. The read heart is pure and clean but with the glass on the inside there is visible pain and a hidden deeper meaning. I decided to use a bed because its a place we associate with comfort and protection, somewhere when we can retreat to when were scared, but it can be a place in which we could easily be trapped, and be unable to escape from because we could get smothered by the covers, just like the child and being smothered by love. I used things like chains to help the emphasis on being trapped and unable to escape. The hearts are also covering the figure in the bed, and with the addition of ductape there seems to be no escape or ways to cry out. I started of with a plan heart and then stuck needles though it, this is to symbols the pain in which the child is going through, the once pure heart is piercing and damaged by the needles poking through the heart. I started off by seeing what I could do with different materials on a heart, this was sort of a trial heart. By commercializing the art you completely take away its original meaning. The love letters which once represented pain are now on the front of a valentines day card showing there original purpose has completely gone. The love no longer has any link to pain and is know just literally used because it forms the word love.
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