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All About Wolfs

Everything to know about them

ashley frommherz

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of All About Wolfs

Wolves around the world
Wolves that are found in North and South America
By: Ashley Frommherz
Grey Wolves, Great Plain Wolves can also be found in Canada. Red Wolves can be found in southeastern U.S but are mainly found in southeastern Texas and Louisiana. Northwestern Wolves are found in western Canada and Alaska.
Wolves that can be found in the Artic, Europe and Asia or Russia
Artic wolves can be found in the Canadian Arctic and the Greenland coast. Tundra wolves can be found in Northern Europe and Asia. Russian Wolves can be found in North-Central Russia. Egyptian Wolves are now found in Northern Europe. Also Northern eastern Libya. Eurasian Wolves are now only found in Central Asia.
Wolves that can be found in the rest of the world
Arabian Wolves were once found on the Arabian pen. but now their territory is now scattered. Mexican Wolves were once found in northern Mexico now are found in zoos and wolf sanctuaries. Italian Wolves are found in Apennines Mt. and parts in Switzerland. Indian Wolves can be found in eastern India.
Life Span
Wolves don't live that long because of disease and/or getting damaged by horns and hooves of Deer or Elk, but the greatest threat is Man. Wolves that live in the wild live for six years, but ones that live in zoos live longer.
Wolves mainly breed between February to March. Sometimes only the Alpha Female becomes pregnant. Mother gives birth in April. has four to six pups. Pups are born deaf and blind. By eight weeks they are playing with each other and climbing over things. The wolves try to keep the den clean and the father guards the den or another wolf.
Wolves hunt in packs of four to seven. The packs include: The Alpha Male and Female, their pups, and a couple of other young wolves. The Alphas are the ones that choose the den sites, and establish the packs territory. They have close relationships and may even sacrifice themselves for each other.
Scent Markings
They use scent markings to keep track of their territory and can be used to find their way around.
For communicating they growl, bark, and whine. They howl to call a mate, to bring the pack together, or to inform members of the pack. Their are different howls for different things. In open land a howl can be heard for miles.
They are thought to be the Ice Age survivors. They live in forests, deserts, mountains, tundra, grasslands, and urban areas. Their fur can be pure white of pure black and every shade of brown and grey in between. Can weigh between 125-135 lbs. They hunt small or big animals and they work as a team. There are 24 species in the world.
Fun Facts
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Thanks for Watching
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