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Anglican (and other) Prayer Beads

A very brief introduction to the tradition(s) of praying with beads in Christianity, up to the creation of the "Anglican Rosary" in 1983.

Andrew Benko

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Anglican (and other) Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads,
Anglican and Otherwise Traditions Touch Meditation Repetition Scripture Buddhist Juzu Muslim Tisbah Buddhist Japa Mala Orthodox Prayer Rope - of a particular prayer
- of a series of prayers
- of a devotional act /
movement "Read, mark, learn, and inwardly
digest..." -St. Augustine Repetition is
itself meditative contemplation of
names of God "the mysteries"
ie., Jesus' suffering,
glorification, Mary's
sorrows focus tangibility persistent widow pray without
ceasing devote yourselves
to prayer BUT...
(Mt. 6:6-8) Let's see how this type of prayer developed in Christianity... Abba Paul

of the desert counted prayers

with pebbles! prayer rope The
Prayer" and what about in the
Western branch of Christianity?... Devotional practice of saying psalms a substitute: 150 "Our Fathers" for common Christians or illiterate monks strings of 50 beads to count these prayers Middle Ages:
The "Hail Mary"
begins to be used with these beads.

1214, legend says
St. Dominic
'received' the rosary from the Blessed Virgin. The Roman Rosary Continues to develop, supported by the enthusiastic promulgation of the Dominicans.

"Mysteries" (meditations on spiritual themes) added. "Rosary" becomes the term for these beads.

Popes add additional sets of "Mysteries." Suddenly, the Rosary is everywhere... 1) Illustration for "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, in the Mickle Wood" (Mother Goose)
2) Sketch for a Hans Holbein group family portrait brings one
close to God
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