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First Days of School Presentation

Expectations, Guidelines and Procedures

Vincent Thomas

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of First Days of School Presentation

Classroom Procedures


Don’t do it, but if you must, please ask for permission.

Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency.

Moving Around the Room

Collect assignments within groups in numerical order, class leaders will pick up and place in Assignment Crate by class period (i.e. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo or Foxtrot).

Submission through Edmodo.com is preferred...

Turning in Assignments

Scheduled Departure Passes

I’m finished what do I do next?


Writing assignment folder...

Work on unfinished class assignments...

Review vocabulary words...

Start working on tonight’s homework....

Finish Classwork Early

Student Responsibility Card

Enter quietly.

Place excuse in the
designated basket.

Sign Tardy Log
Take out needed materials
Store your backpack and take your seat.

1st Infraction:

2nd Infraction:
Infraction Notice

3rd Infraction:
Student/Parent Action Plan, Parental Contact.

4th Infraction:


Not Following
Guidelines will result in…

Verbal acknowledgement
A stress-free learning environment
A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

Following Guidelines will result in…


The AP U.S. History Course

About Me...

Mr. Vincent Thomas


World Geography
The First Days of School Presentation

This is…
World Geography
House 5 – Room C116
Mr. Thomas

Are you in the correct Classroom?

Library/Media Center

Special guests

Progress Reports

Working Cooperatively


Substitute Teacher

Special Procedures
These will be introduced on an as needed basis.

The teacher dismisses you, not the bell.

Do not start packing up prior to receiving instructions to do so.

Wait until your teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with:

“Have a Great Day!”

Class Dismissal

Please participate.

We want to hear what you have to say.

Please raise your hand to be recognized.

Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion.

If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask later.

Classroom Discussions

Please inform your teacher as you enter the classroom.

Quietly raise your hand to get a teachers attention.
Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time. “You will need a pass”

If it is an emergency, quickly get teachers' attention for assistance.

Case by Case Basis...

Time TBD...


7:15am – 7:45am
4pm – 5:00pm

Before Testing by Request
(1 Day Notice Required)
Go to the "I Was Absent" crate.

Receive homework.

Retrieve any handouts.

Receive signature from teacher.

Special Note:
All assignments, handouts, slides and lessons are posted on Edmodo.com and Swivl.com
After an Excused Absence

In Case of Fire

Intercom Announcements

Students will immediately be quiet, listen to the announcement(s) and follow instructions

Classroom Telephone Calls
Students will immediately be quiet as a teacher answers the phone call

Personal Technology
e.g. cell phones, headphones, IPads, IPods: store in backpacks during instructions

Special Announcements

Student Action Plan

Per four 9 Weeks Grading Weights
60 Daily grades Daily 50%
12 Test/Quiz/Project Test/Quiz/Projects 30%
4 Nine Weeks Exams Nine Weeks Exams 20%
EOC Exam/Project

Per 3 Weeks
5 Daily Grades
1 Test/Quiz/Project

Per 9 Weeks
15 Daily Grades
3 Test/Quiz/Project
1 Nine Weeks Exam

“Absolutely and Always!”

Will My Teacher Treat Me Fairly?

Welcome To AP US History
House 9, Room D204
AP US History
Mr. Vincent Thomas

From: The Great State of Florida, little town called Moore Haven on the west side of Lake Okeechobee, the best bass fishing in the world.
Graduated from
Moore Haven High School
Retired Rank: Chief Warrant Officer 3
Military Service
United States Army
August 13, 1981 - August 31, 2005
Places I've traveled to and been stationed in:
AA: University of Maryland
BS: Excelsior College
Dual MA: Webster University
MBA: Northcentral University
Teaching Certifications
Social Studies 8 - 12
Physical Education EC - 12
I. Be In your assigned seat and working on the assigned bell-ringer prior to the tardy bell.

II. Bring all required materials to class and take them with you when you leave.

III. Follow directions the 1st time they are given.

IV. Treat each person in this classroom and on this campus with respect.

V. Follow
guidelines, procedures and policies as outlined in the classroom, ED9 and SISD student handbook.
Special Guideline
This classroom is a
"No Whining Zone."
What does that mean? Simply, there will not be any whining , for any reason. Everything that we do is in your best interest, so please respect the "
No Whining Zone
Please enter the classroom quietly.
The dress code remains in effect.
Remove needed materials and store backpacks (e.g. purses).
Start Bell-Ringer.
Nothing will be stored on the floor around desks.
Sit in assigned seat.
Review "Focus Wall"
Wife: Arlene
Sons: Cajh 21, and Knaan 8

Things I love to do:
Getting Your Attention
I will:
Sound the "may I have your attention" chime.
Once everyone is quiet...
I will begin speaking.
Without talking, calmly line up at the classroom door.
Wait for your teachers' instructions before moving into the hallway
Follow your teachers' instructions to move to the safe zone
Once in the safe zone your teacher will get accountability and possibly allow you to talk quietly.
When Lock Down is called
(Lock Down X3)
Students will
without talking
: sit on the floor directly in front of the backpack storage
Teacher (Class Leaders) will: lock door, cover windows, report accountability
Should fire alarm sound: students and teacher will remain in place
(absolutely no talking)
Official all clear:

Administration or security personnel unlock door, however students will remain in place until directed by classroom teacher to return to class activities...
Lock Down Procedures
Missing Assignments:

Retrieve and fill out a pink card.

Pink card will be retained until assignment is submitted.

Student responsibility cards will be retained for parent/teacher conferences if assignments are not submitted.
Please fill out a blue pass from the request basket and sign-out in the log.

Please record the time out and in.
Please return the used pass to the appropriate basket.

Please limit latrine breaks. Please
school policy: No passes the first 10 min/Last 10 min of class, unless its an emergency.

Make Up Test
My lawn
24 yrs, 1 month, 22 days
Retired 11 years
Knaan: 3rd grader, East Point Elem. YISD
Cajh: Sr. NMSU
Hard Copy and Electronic except Edmodo
"Class Alarms"
Meya 11 yrs
#52 First Last (name)
Class Name/Teacher
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