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1st block mrs.graney

Tiffany Y

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of TiffanyYork

My name is Tiffany York. I love to draw and sing, because it lets me be creative. I also love reading,because it's just like a movie but it makes you think more. I have a cat named scrappy, who sometimes acts like a dog. My dad's side of the family is southern and my mom's side is northern.
Reserved, creative, caring, determined
Daughter of Michelle York, Sister of Katriel York
Who loves reading, singing, and working hard to achieve goals
Who hates people fighting loves helping people, and loves listening to music
Who fears of an increasing of bullying in schools, fears of dummies, and fears of bad grades
Who has accomplished improving grades, singing voice,and drawing skills
Who wants to see peace between everyone, and everyone helping each other out.
Born in Raleigh, lives in Garner.

Holiday traditions
My family celebrates various holidays in differents ways with different traditions.On Independence day we have cookout.On Christmas and Thanksgiving, my family gathers around the table to spend time with eachother,talk, and eat.
We eat different types of food for specific days.Microwavable pizza are for days people are too lazy to cook or days people don't have time to cook.Chicken Casseroll are for typical-days, and bicutts are for holidays such as Thanksgiving.
As the years go by styles change.The current style for girls are skinny jeans, and infinity scarfs.Boots, such as Uggs are popular during the fall.
Culture has affected my identity in many ways. Culture decides every almost aspect of my life. Because of my culture, I speak English fluently. Culture also decides how I celebrate holidays and what holidays brings everyone together, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is a day where everyone comes together for dinner and discuss what they are thankful for. Christmas is a holiday where everyone comes together and gives to those they love, and celebrates joy and love. Culture also impacts my religious beliefs. Most of the people around where i live are Christian or Catholic, so that impacts my beliefs and my thoughts about religion. Culture affects who i am, my beliefs, my language, the clothes i wear, the music i listen to, what I think the environment should be like, and how i celebrate holidays. Culture is who i am.
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