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Copy of La Gazzetta dello Sport

No description

Chiara Ferraris

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of La Gazzetta dello Sport

Welcome into the Globe authentic open lively professional accessible pink Sport as lifestyle Milanese origin of la Gazzetta
Emblem of lifestyle & fashion world
Visual coherence

19 Nov ­ 31 Dec 2010 The special Christmas invitation for you presented by
La Gazzetta, La Rinascente and high fashion brands La Gazzetta » The Sponsor

Financial support
Organizational support La Rinascente » The Sponsee

Mediator La Gazzetta ­ Fashion World Fashion Brands » The Investor

Collection design
Collaboration with Swarovski
+ New pool of investors
+ Fashion brands involvement

+ Media attention
+ Brand awareness
+ Attraction of female world
+ Financial support
+ Saving of money to reinvest

+ Media attention
+ Free advertising for collection
If you still think Gazzetta is about sports only, you are wrong.
Today's Gazzetta is much more. It's a whole, pink world.

A world made of positive energy, good experiences, dreams and ideals. 19 Nov 2010 Gala Dinner Healthy
Food Open
Kitchen Digital
Screen Gazzetta Gazz
Game Data &
Graphs Sale Auction for Charity
Kataklò Martini
Rosato Video
Gazzetta Sports
Simulators Photo
Exhibition Gazzetta
Do you want to join us on the pink side of life? Collection of limited edition objects

• linked to sport
• characterized by Pink
• beautified by Swarovski Every floor dedicated to
a special memorable pink
moment of italian sport Strengthening the positioning
Attracting new investors
Reach out the pink target
Promote "The Pink side of Christmas"
360 approach to: o
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