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"Hunting Snake" Poem Analysis

In this prezi I will analyse the IGCSE poem "Hunting Snake".

Luke Collister

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of "Hunting Snake" Poem Analysis

The Language Used and its Effects
Stanza 1 I like how the author uses certain words to create a certain mood. For example, in the first two lines phrases/words like "Sun-warmed", "Season's grace", "Gentlest Sky" all make the mood of the poem start of very happy and tranquil. But then in line 3, the use of "Froze half-through a pace" changes the mood and pace of the poem as this is a big contrast of language used in lines 1 and 2.

Another point that makes this phrase change the mood so much is the "half-through a pace". This shows how scary the snake is because the walkers couldn't even finish their step.

The vocabulary used to describe the snake is also very good. There is both a positive and a negative used to describe the snake used next to each other ("The great black snake"). This gives the impression that it is amazing to look at but very dangerous. Also, the use of reeling is effective, as for me it gives an idea that the snake moves very rapidly. The Overall Idea of the Poem For anybody who hadn't realised what the poem was about, it is about a group of people walking in the nice Autumn weather, when they see a big black snake. "Hunting Snake" Analysis In this Prezi I will analyse the "Hunting Snake" poem by looking at these different aspects:
·The overall idea of the poem
·The language used and its effects in the different stanzas
·The structure of the poem and its effects The Language Used and its Effects
Stanza 3 In the third stanza the use of "fierce intent" again shows the snake is powerful and determined.

The rest of stanza 3 describes how the walkers watched the snake and how they felt.
"We scarcely thought; still as we stood
our eyes went with him as he went"
This shows that the walkers were very scared and they did not even have time to think, they were mesmerised by the snake watching his every move. The Language Used and its Effects
Stanza 4 In the last stanza, the mood is changed because the snake is going. Words that change the mood are "Cold, dark and splendid". Again, the writer is using two negatives and a positive together.

In the last 2 lines, the walkers are relieved. You can tell this by the language used.
"We took a deeper breath of day,
looked at each other, and went on" By Luke Collister "Hunting Snake" Analysis They then describe how scared of the snake they are, and how it follows its prey. Then it goes, and they describe the normal day again. The Language Used and its Effects
Stanza 2 In the second stanza more vocabulary to describe the snake is used. For example, "tongue-flickering". This creates a good image of the snake. "Sun glazed his curves of diamond scale" is another good phrase used to describe the snake. The use of diamond for me suggests that the the snake is very powerful and can not be beat easily. The other use of diamond is to help the reader imagine the "Sun glazed curves", as diamonds are reflective.

"He quested through the parting grass" is a good phrase. The use of the word quested makes the reader imagine the snake as more powerful and determined because the writer didn't just put a word like moved; quested suggests that the snake is on a mission to get his food. The Structure of the Poem For the final part, I am going to look at the rhyme scheme of the poem and how it influences the mood of the poem. The poem has a rhyme scheme of a, b, a, b. Until the last stanza, where it changes to a, b, b, a.
This is to help change the mood of the poem when in the last stanza the snake disappears. Thanks for watching !
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