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Shrika Madivanan

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of I AM MALALA

Malala has just been shot by a Taliban solider. She arrives at the hospital where the news of her shooting spreads immediately. Her father finishes his presentation and rushes to the hospital. He finds his daughter was shot by the Taliban. Malala is alive but very injured. The doctors tell him the bullet came very close to damaging her brain but it didn't. Malala's friends, Shazia and Kainat, were also injured but not as severely. Malala's mother seeked to visit her but her friend's told her it was better to wait because she might be moved or dead. Colonel Junaid, the head neurosurgeon, finds the bullet in Malala's shoulder. He determines that the bullet almost hit Malala's brain, but there are splinters of bone in her brain. He conducts a surgery. The Taliban claims responsibility for shooting Malala. They say they shot her, not because of her education platform, but because she was opposing them with her support of western culture and admiration of Obama. After her brain surgery, scans of Malala's brain are sent around the world to ensure she get's the best treatment. British doctors, Fiona Reynolds and Javid Kayani, come and examine Malala. They are worried about her recovering because her carbon dioxide levels are too low. Malala's health continues to deteriorate when they find a young woman named Arfa Karim, has died of a heart attack at age 16. Malala's dad is devastated.
As Malala describes how she was rushed to the hospital and the media circus that surrounds it, what do you think was the collective feeling of the Pakistani citizens, specifically Swat residents?
Even in the midst of Malala's serious injury, what was the connection with the military, it's hospital, and views about their role/impact?
What was the general message sent by the Taliban in their statement about Malala's shootings? Do you believe it was honest?
After the British physicians visited Malala in the hospital, what concerns were raised? Do you think that was a pivotal point in her recovery? If so, why?
In Chapter 22, Malala's condition is worsening. Her father starts to think the worse. Dr. Fiona is doing everything she can to save her. Due to the insufficient care at Peshawar Hospital, her options are running low. They decided she needed to be moved overseas to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi. They had top notch security and took good care of her. International offers started to pile in from so many countries to help further her medical care. The military general, General Kayani, decided she was to be moved to the Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Birmingham. There was a problem with passports and legal papers for Malala's family. Only her father was allowed to go with her. At first, he was okay with leaving his wife and sons behind, but he soon realized that wasn't fair to them. He wanted to be there to protect his family from any danger the Taliban may bring, so he put all his faith in God, and the doctors helping his daughter. He signed over the papers of guardianship to Dr.Fiona, and prayed for the best.
1st Period
Thursday,November 3, 2016
Chapter 20
Malala begins to have nightmares about the Taliban. She takes many precautions at night. She would lock all the doors and windows, check on everyone in the house, and then pray for all human beings. Malala’s first exam was physics. She studied very hard but still got some things wrong. Her next exam was Pakistani studies. Malala studied even harder for this paper and did very well on it. She was on the bus going home with her friends when Malala noticed different things. She saw a man killing chickens and after they left the army check point she noticed that not many people were around. Suddenly, the bus stopped. Two men stood behind the bus and asked, “ Who is Malala?” The next thing she heard was three bullets firing from a gun.

After the shooting, Malala is brought to Birmingham for treatment/ surgery. While there, Malala describes her experiences there. Because of the shooting, half her hair is missing and one side of her face couldn't move, leading to her father exclaiming that her smile has been snatched. After being reunited with her family in the hospital, they are visited by politicians who inform her father that they know who shot Malala. They also tell them that November 10th has been made "Malala Day". This date has been later changed to Malala's Birthday (12th July)
In the epilogue, Malala describes their new home. She talks about how her current life differs from the life she had in Swat. While talking about her new home, she talks about how much safer she feels. Although she is very happy in her new home, she is also very lonely. In Swat, there were kids running in the streets and playing on the rooves. In Birmingham, the city she in which she lives, there is no one. The houses are much closer, but Malala feels that she is very distant from her neighbors. At the end of the epilogue, Malala talks about how thankful she is and how much she loves Allah. She thanks him for what he has done in her life and for the ability to touch the lives of so many.
Chapter 22 study questions

Describe Dr. Fiona's background and strong connection to Malala.
Once moved to a second military hospital, security was at an all- time high. Would it have been any different for high ranking government officials or dignitaries?
What other countries and leaders offered assistance to Malala?
What was the tough decision faced by Malala's father upon being notified she would be flown to the United Kingdom? How was it resolved?
Ch.23 study questions
Have you ever work up the after traveling to a new town, state, or country? How did that compare to Malala waking up in England's Queen Elizabeth Hospital?
Why was Malala so concerned with money once she was in QEH?
What did Malala say was her only regret about being shot?
What role did political asylum play in the delay for Malala's parents to join her in England?
Describe how Malala stayed busy during the ten days away from her parents?
What major role did the "second Fiona" play in Malala's recovery?
Ch.24 Study questions

What is the significance of giving rice to others? Do you as see it as a religious practice or a superstition?
Malala states that the time of year she and her friends prayed the most was during exams. Do you have a particular time of year that your stress levels increases? How do you handle it?
Malala is very detailed about the day she was shot. What thoughts and images do you have as you read about her life changing event?

The school bus Malala was on, when she got shot
Chapter 21 Study Questions
After she got shot, she was taken to the hospital
Malala and the two friends also shot that day
Chapter 20 Study Questions
Colonel Junaid Khan, her doctor, receiving and award for the care of Malala
Dr. Fiona Reynolds
The hospital Malala was moved to in Rawalpindi
Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham
Question 1
Which exam does Malala think she does well on?

Question 2
What did the two men say before
Malala was shot?
Malala stated "It was as if all the weight had been lifted from my heart." What was she referring to?
What parallel do you see in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Malala's story?
What major decision did Pakistani President Zardari make regarding Malala's father?
What are some observations/comparisons that Malala makes about life in England vs. Pakistan? Weather? Architecture? Clothing? Social interactions?
As Malala summarizes her story and its impact, what thoughts do you have about your life's purpose?
Perasive themes in the book were: Fear, Family, and Faith. What roles, if any, do these play in your life? If so, in what ways?
Question 3
Where does the neurosurgeon find the bullet in Malala?
Question 4
The military general, General Kayani, decided Malala needed to be moved to the Queen Elisabeth Hospital in _______, England?
Question 5
What day was made Malala Day
Question 6
How does Malala feel about her new home in Birmingham?
Tie Breaker
Name one of Malala's friends who were shot with her
Malala wakes up in a hospital in Birmingham, England on October 16th. Her first thought is, "Thank God I'm not dead." Malala then meets the Muslim chaplain at the hospital, Rehanna. Malala then meets a nice lady named, Dr. Fiona. She asks the doctor many questions about her parents and the cost of her medical treatment. Malala was very confused as she lay in her hospital bed, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But Malala finally got to speak to her parents on the phone, so she feels safer knowing that they will come to the U.K soon. She starts to make a slow recovery, but her parents are facing complications with transportation to England. Rehman Malik, the interior minister, wants to accompany Malala's family so that they dont try to seek asylum there. While her parents are traveling to Europe, Malala recieves many flowers and gifts. She also realizes that she lived to keep the fight for education going.
Exit Ticket:
Malala stood up for what she believed in after she had been shot. Would you have done the same if you were in that position? Explain why or why not.

Group 4
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