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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

No description

Mitchell Kenyon

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

The Problem

Which Corporation?
Corporation over LLC
Sole Proprietor and Partnership models too small for our business
We need Venture Capital as a start-up company
We avoid double taxation be starting our company as an "S" corporation the expanding to a "C" corporation later when our business is booming
efficient than gas but not as convenient ...yet
Companies will
provide free fuel
for years with vehicle purchase
Buildings and
will be
to accommodate
Managing Intellectual Property
We would have an R/D Department that would patent
any changes
to the existing technology
for manufactturing process
of car design and names
Risk and Uncertainty
Cost of Infrastructure:
Hydrogen extraction methods
Hydrogen gas stations
Drive range
range than gas,
much more
than electric.
-initially expensive,
relatively cheap
Fuel Source
- Gas is
running out
, we
have to
H2GO: Hydrogen Fuel Cells
The main problem with the current automotive market is fossil fuels.
Gas prices will continue to increase over a long period of time.
We may have as little as 50 years supply left with our current oil use.
participation of other companies means that they must assume risk also
Technology change - Hydrogen fuel cells have become much more effective and cost efficient.

Regulatory change - The government is using incentives to encourage the use of alternative fuel sources.
Appropriating Returns to Innovation
companies must be convinced that it's a good idea
Cost of customer education
First Moving Advantage
Give consumer first view
A New Car Company, but different
Only Hydrogen fuel cell car production
The technology exists and is out there but not enough companies are willing to invest because existing car companies make enough money off of regular cars.
we can provide different models of the hydrogen fuel cell car, to appeal to a broad customer base.
People do not want to pay for gas anymore
We need more efficiency
People are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.
Why should we go to Hydrogen?
How it works
Fuel cell is filled with compressed hydrogen
Compressed hydrogen is then converted to electricity
Electricity powers electric motor and powers axles
The only emission of the car would be H2O

There are
no car companies
out there that
only make Hydrogen
powered cars.
Companies like Toyota and GM have
models on the way
but focus less on those because they make their money with their
flagship models
Prius, Camaro, Corvette.
The only other alternative fuel is electric like Tesla, that's the only serious competition
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