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Porcshe Cayenne Launch

Marketing Case-6

Hakan Cengiz

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Porcshe Cayenne Launch

Hakan Cengiz
Duhan Koray Karadeniz
Aybige Aygen
Özge Dilmin
Selçuk Erim
Turgut Akbulut Aim:

Did Porsche's image and Brand identity change with Porsche Cayenne launch ?

Should Porsche continue to extend product line ? Market Analysis 911 has moderate competition with Corvette, BMW Z8, Mercedes SL, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 360 Spider

Highest profit margin model

Boxster has high competition with BMW Z4, Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX8, Audi TT, Mercedes SLK

The most profitable niche car manufacturer

Focus only sports car segment leads to restrictive growth in this segment Why SUV market ?

SUV is the fastest growing segment

SUVs are industry’s most profitable models

SUVs Remain Vital for Luxury

Mercedes with the M-Class, BMW with the X5 entered

Two-thirds of Porsche buyers owned an SUV Idea of Cayenne

Unique and strong brand to expand its product line

Targets a niche as the performance SUV

Emphasizing “Sport” Utility Vehicle

Expected to sell about 20,000 units a year

Milestone for future growth potential Porsche:
The Cayenne Launch Contents:

Company/Brand History
Market Analysis
Market Strategy
Swot Analysis
Gift Corporate Strategy Business Strategy Marketing Strategy Future Extend brand image and value proposition

Sports Car image still will be main value for communication

Company will keep core business as sports car production

R&D will be kept as major strength Target market will be extended

Strategic alliances will continue

Distribution channels will be reviewed Product, presence in all possible segments will be supplied with new models

Customer solution, more occasions to use a sports car

Promotion, separate campaigns for every new launch

Place, distribution channels will be re-designed and expanded.

Convenience, extended market require more sales points

Price, over average of every class

Customer Cost , design and engine technology with extended Cayenne
Sports Utility Car Panamera
Executive saloon 911, a modern challenging version in terms of engine technology and overall performance, modernized classical design. Prestige and high end market targeted Positioning of Cayenne Brand extention was a need but extention itself was also a threat

SUV had to reflect the Porsche’s core strenghts;
Design, Performance & sports car concept
Off road riding capacibility
A spacious interior
Utility “There will be no doubt that customers can proudly park their SUV next to a Mercedes S-Class and other cars like that. “

Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking
CEO Porsche AG 1990- Ford Explorer

Toyota, Jeep,Dodge, GMC & Land Rover followed

SUVs became popular in the United States, Canada, India and Australia

The very low oil prices

Acura (Honda), Infiniti ( Nissan), Mitsubishi

The SUV became one of the most popular choices of vehicle for female drivers in the U.S Appealing Market, but very crowded Strong brand image
Loyal brand followers
Nearer to sports car than Sedans
An alternative to family suburban and rural vehicles
Decreased production cost, higher profit
Offers comfort and space also will go from zero to sixty in 5,4 sec.
Meets Porsche’s high technical and visual standard design Away from Porsche’ s traditional image and brand identity
Collaboration with VW (may hurt brand image)
Stereotypical driver of SUV does not fit with the stereotypical driver of a Porsche
Only the final assembly takes place at the Porsche’s site in Germany Entering new market segments
Brand extention
SUV’s gained popularity
Mercedes & Lexus proved that premium SUV’s has a demand
Increase market share
Paves the way future growth
Opens the door to Porsche for future diversification (Panamera) Strong competition in SUV market
‘High and Mightly: The dangerous rise of the SUV’, enviromental harm
An already crowded market
Smaller & more fuel efficient cars demand
Loss of brand loyal consumers
Harmful impact on Porsches’s brand image
Rennlist community chats & negative publicity Strenghts Weaknesses Opportunities Threats HOLD YOUR GROUND & DESIRE TO GROW

Remain loyal to your ideal : performance, speed, luxury, fun
Keep in touch with loyal customers (online forums, Porsche clubs)
Push the edges of the brand - new products & segments
Rising demands : Fuel efficiency, environmental concern, security
More presence worldwide, China potential MANAGE THE RISKS

Can hurt Audi’s sales
Cannibalizing sales of the Cayenne
Required investment is very high
Damage of an exclusively sports car manufacturer image
Loss of brand loyal consumers - get feedback from Rennlist
Experienced competitors: limited space for a Porsche luxury sedan LAUNCH PANAMERA

Launch of Cayenne will make Panamera launch easier
High-powered luxury sedan with sport characteristics
Similar entrants succes: Maserati Quattroporte
High profit margin in luxury sedan cars
Compete with Mercedes, BMW, Audi and others FURTHER RECOMMENDATIONS

Additional cooperative relationships : cost optimization
More fuel efficient product line, hybrid or electric car
Expand the product line while staying closer to Porsche’s core market.
New small SUV : MACAN (targets the BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque)
Diversify product geographically
Porsche Clubs (community management, Porsche sport or classics club)
Porsche Exclusive (Personalization, Accessories, Personal customer consultation) QUESTIONS Thanks Rennlist online community Gift:
How many Panameras were sold in 2011 in USA?
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