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Welcome to English Language & Literature

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to English Language & Literature

Aspects of Narrative
These are what we would call 'Aspects of Narrative'

We have to look for the following:

– The use of voice
This includes Narrative voice (The story teller) and Character voices.

Point of view
Where is the story being told from/who is telling it?

Time and chronology
When and in what order dd the events happen?

Who is talking/how are they talking/when are they talking?

How are the characters developed?

What type of text is it?
– Symbols and motifs
Repeated images, phrases and objects.

Structure and settings
How the story is laid out, and where it's set.
The Great Gatsby
Have you read or seen The Great Gatsby?

Does anyone have an idea what the story is about?
What did you find?
How does Fitzgerald tell the story of Gatsby's party?

What do YOU think are the three key aspects of narrative in this section?
Chapter 3
You have been given an extract from Chapter 3 of the novel.

Go through it closely, discuss it and then try to work out how and why it is using those aspects of narrative.
Thank you!
What's The Point
Why and how texts are made is a key part of the Language & Literature course, so...

Why do we tell stories?

What is their purpose?

What do you need for a story?

What is a 'narrative'?
But wait! There's more!
Gatsby is only a third of what we will study next year, you will also need to get hold of a copy of
William Blake's
Songs of

Innocence and Experience.'

As well as this, we will be studying a whole range of texts from the exam board's anthology - from Graphic Novels to Television Scripts to a series of tweet responses.
Welcome to English Language & Literature
A Brief Introduction
This is just the start!
Your Summer Assignment will be to read the full novel and find a key extract within!
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