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Sculpture unit outline- three projects: Masking Tape People, Animal Wire/Nylon Stocking, Rolled Paper Mural

Nicole Baker

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Sculpture

Enduring Understanding Essential Questions Visual Art Standards ART.MS.1 Understand and apply media, techniques, and processes related to the visual arts.

ART.MS.5 Understand the characteristics and merits of my own artwork and the artwork of others. Think about it:
what makes a sculpture art? Sculpture Power Write What can you do with packing tape? 8th grade 7th grade what can you do with old magazines and a group of friends? 6th grade Sculpture Sculpture an artist's choice and appropriate use of media, techniques, and/or processes enhance personal expression and determine the quality of art. Why is it important to experience different materials or media?

How do different techniques, media, and processes affect self expression?

Why must art tools and materials be used in a safe and responsible manner? I can... Is this art or an everyday object? Why? What can you do with a block of wood, a wire hanger, nylon stockings and paint? a three dimensional object; also called a form a three dimensional object; also called a form
What is media?
What media have you worked with?
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