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Down Syndrome

No description

Mylana Valdina

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Down Syndrome

Famouse People
Hu Yizou could not read music although he became a great conductor.
Stephan Ginnsz is a actor who in 1996 was the first actor with down syndrome to get a lead part in a motion picture.
Alexandria who has both down syndrome and diabetes but still does many activities like swimming, girl scouts, cheer, and many more.
Down Syndrome
Signs and Symptomes
Decreased or poor mustle tone.
Short neck, with exess skin at the back of the neck.
Small head , ears, and mouth.
Wide, short hands, with short fingers.
A deep groove between 1 and 2 toes.
They check for down syndrome while pregnate or after the child is born.
There ae 2 different types of tests wich are a prenatal screening test and a prental diagnostic test.
You can not cure down syndrome.
There are no single treatment for down syndrome.
Treatments are based on the persons needs.
A infant with down syndrome will need surgary for a few days after birth.
What is Down Syndrome?
Down syndrome is a congential disorder from a chromosome defect.
Not only humans can get it.
Causes and Risk Factors
Children are more risk to have a number of health problems and condishions.
Experts don't know the cause of down syndrome.
May be caused by a unusuall amount of chromosome.
A normal person has 46 chromosome and a person with down syndrome has 47.
Non-Profit Organtizations
The national down syndrome society (NDSS)
The global down syndrome foundation.
Gold coast down syndrome organization.
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