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Marco Polo


jose pizano

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Marco Polo

MARCO POLO Marco polo was born in Venice, Italy
1254-1324 c. Mother died when young, had brothers, Dad was a merchant, and had an uncle named Maffeo. During 1250's his family moved to Constantinople(now Istanbul, Turkey.) In 1260 the Polo Brothers decided to make a trading expedition to China. They finally got to China, they were interested in learning about the Europeans and Christianity. They sailed under Italy under the Italian Flag. They met Mongol ruler Kublai, Khan. He welcomed them & invited them back. Sometime during the next three years, Marco Polo
was taken captive in a sea battle between Venice and Genoa. In a Genoa. In a Genoese jail he related his experiences in Asia to fellow prisoners. When a prisoner named Rustichello, a writer of romances, expressed an interest in taking down what Marco had to say Marco agreed and sent to Venice for his notes. In this way the travels of Marco Polo were recorded for posterity. QUESTIOS

1.Where was Marco Polo born?

2.What Mongol ruler did they meet?

3.What was Marco Polos uncle name? SOURCES


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