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GTD Lecture


Sarah Clark

on 11 November 2009

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Transcript of GTD Lecture

Mind Like Water A review of Getting Things Done and Making it All Work
By David Allen A Few Questions What is this GTD thing, anyway?
a process for managing the commitments in your life
A way to channel chaos/crisis into order
Using increased control of your workflow to gain a greater perpective of what you are doing--and what you want to do--with your life
Control Perspective Collect Process Organize Review DO! Control: Putting it All Together The Weekly Review:
Control Meets Perspective Runway 10,000 Feet: Projects 20,000 Feet: Areas of Responsibility 30,000 Feet: Mid-Term Goals 40,000 Feet: Long-Term Vision 50,000 Feet + : Life Purpose/Core Values Perspective: Putting it all together Monthly Reviews
Cruising at the "higher altitudes" So...Does Getting Things Done Make it all Work? Strengths Weaknesses Productivity 101 From Control to Mastery Practice Theory Getting Control Gaining Perspective Get Clear
Get Current
Get Creative How I Get Things Done My Desk and Workflow My Reviews *desk tidiness not typical Thank You!

(Any Questions?)
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