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Beauty TOK

Tok Beauty

Natalia Cordova

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Beauty TOK

We might say that our perception tells us that this is wrong, but didn't these two people use perception and their other ways of knowing to decide if this alteration of beauty was right? Beauty in media is defined as something beautiful and flawless
If something does not fit in this paradigm then it cannot be beautiful. Knowledge issue:
How does media affect perception, reason and emotion to the point that we have What is beauty? Analysis: t. Through these examples of how media affects our very day life
We are able to see the evidence that media images affect people
the affects can go to the point that they would deform themselves to feel good about their looks Which group would you consider the most beautiful? We live in a society where media is the most persuasive force in shaping cultural norms.
The collective message is that young women and men value is beauty, and sexuality.
Through examples like these we see that media can have a negative effect on the self image of people . Reason is the way we learn through the use of previous knowledge and thus we deduce new knowledge based off of it. What is considered beauty within nature? Media Quiz Q1. In 2009, kids 11-14 spent most time with which type of media?
A. Computers
B. Music
D. Video Games
Q2. How many texts on average do teens (ages 13-17)send and receive month?
A. 2000
B. 2500
C. 3000
D. 3500
Q3. What percentage of pre-teens (ages 8-12) use a cell phone?
A. 37%
B. 60%
C. 71%
D. 85%
Q4. As of late of 2009, approximately how many views did You Tube get each day?
A. 500,000
B. Over 1 billion
C. Over 2 billion
D. Over 3 billion Even though we like to believe that media does not effect our point of view and like to think that our point of view is like the famous quote " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" this is not true.
(3rd Century Greece) is the way we learn over how we feel in situations is the way we gain knowledge by using previous knowledge and thus deduce new knowledge is the way we gain knowledge through the what we see. How does this effect us as a knower? What is Beauty? these two people took the medias definition of beauty and played it into effect.
we see how big of an impact media has on us by shaping our paradigm of what is beauty
if most of what we learn of beauty is from the media as a knower how can we filter these things and truly get to the conclusion of what is beautiful? The quality presented in a thing or person that gives pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. But this is what BEAUTY really looks like!! (: So within the media, this is how BEAUTY is portrayed ... THANK YOU!!!! Psychology behind the Barbie doll effect The Halo Effect explains why it was that this is developed in human beings
there is a fear of being judged by taking these measures they assure themselves that they will be accepted
They will get the good kind of attention admiration Knowledge is the wisdom that we have gained through education, experiences and time. That's what we called this situation Is this the perception of media or our own interpretation of the situation? How can we trust our perception? Through perception can we really describe this as beautiful? What are our emotions giving off in these pictures? Is the Emotion that we get from them what the media has reflected upon us?
Even though that this is what we believe to be beautiful the true reflection why does it seem to be so bizarre to us. deduced our view of beauty and therefore will only conserve and publicize it? Media affected their point of view, they took the symbol of the toy for little girls and applied it to themselves.
If these people were TOK thinkers did they use there reasoning properly? As knowers how do we know that we do not fall into this effect? What can we deduce from these actions? Is it really self confidence or self image? Within nature, beauty is a value, it is not a perception
It is an emotion and an affection of our appreciation of nature.
It is natural for humans to have a sense to determine what is beautiful but the sense changed by day-to-day.
We all are affected by our society, our culture and we have different opinions towards nature. Analysis How can we determine in these situation if our reasoning is correct? How do we know that their reasoning was not correct? We know by our previous knowledge the side effects that can come with these kinds of surgeries but, does this make the transformation right or wrong? Out of these two which would you conserve and why? When we see these pictures how do we feel? What is the emotion drawn from these pictures? How do we know that the emotion was not influenced by the media? How can we use reason to deduce whether the picture of Nebraska is beautiful?? We all deem nature as beautiful. What we do not truly see is that what we see beautiful in nature is what the media has planted in our minds. With this we tend to only conserve and advertise those places that the media has made us deem beautiful. How can we know whether we can trust perception in nature? How do we know what we perceive is beautiful in nature is not what the media has reflected upon us? If the media does not influence us in the way we perceive beauty in nature then why do we not see the picture previously shown of Nebraska not seen as beautiful? Conclusion Beauty is highly affected by the media
Even though it is not noticed it is still there
Media has affected our knowledge to the point where our reason has been tainted
We cannot really know what is beautiful because our definition of beauty will be to what we where exposed by the media.
As we try to put the influence of the media aside we have come to the conclusion that beauty is what gives us overall satisfaction to the mind.
our sense of beauty are affected by our society and change our sense of beauty.
there is no one that can determine what is absolutely beautiful or what is absolutely not beautiful.
sense of beauty of people change from different culture, age, religion, etc.
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