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“Why are we losing all our good people?”

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Benjamin Milatovic

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of “Why are we losing all our good people?”

“Why are we losing all our good people?

Why Tom Forsythe doesn’t tell Mary Donillo the truth about his departure?
Does work environment matters to employees at Sambian
People don't just leave managers; they leave organizations" as stated by Jean Martin in her commentary.
(better compensation, benefits, and career opportunities)
clear mission!

How Helen can retain her employees?
Approaching competitors’ employees etichally
Companies don’t own people
Create the best possible work environment for employees
Talented people are always going to be pursued by other companies
Does the competitor apply a hunt strategy to make it difficult for its competitors to stay in business?

Case study called “Why are we losing all our good people?” published by Edward E. Lawler III
Case is about fictional architecture firm „Sambian Partners“
Problems start when some of their best and most talented workers decide to work for their competitor
Reasons and solutions

Turnover at Sambian Partners
Some of the problems are:

Poor management and leadership skills of Helen (CEO) and Mary (the head of human resources)
Need for clearer career path and better support structure

There are two reasons for this:

1. Mary's poor skills in pursuing to find answers,

2. Tom's feelings of misalignment with the firm

The absences of a clear mission and culture to which employees feel connected are the core of this turnover.
“certain prima donnas”
“higher up the chain procrastinated.”
The employees need to feel as part of the organization.

Provide accurate information to the CEO
"culture audits"
“listening tours”
In this study case we have discussed some crucial issues that are inside the Sambian Partners firm and followed it with some solutions based on what we have read from the article.

And by following the suggestions that are listed above a company like Sambian will be able to survive and stop their talent-drain
Thank you for your atention!

Done by:
Bojčić Belma
Škapur Alica
Mutilović Amra
Hadzić Almin
Maarouf Fatme
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