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The Breadwinner, plot diagram

No description

Oscar Guillen

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Breadwinner, plot diagram

The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner
-Parvanas home one room
Rising action 1
Parvanas father was taken
away by the soldiers because
he went to England for his education.
Rising Action 2
Parvana and her mother go to get father out of jail knowing the dangers of going outside.
Rising Action 3
Parvana gets chased by a Taliban soldier and meets Ms.Weera by bumping into her.
Parvana transforms into a boy because Ms.Weera said that now she could earn money for her family to eat and survive.
Falling Action 1
Parvana makes a sale the first day in the marketplace and goes there everyday to make money.
Falling Action 2
Parvana and her friend,Shauzia,dig up bones for lots of money by selling them to the bone broker.
Falling Action 3
Nooria is getting married parvana stays while the rest go to Mazar but few days later it gets captured by the Taliban.
Problem & Solution
Problem-Talibans rules and Parvanas family seperates and survive.
Solution-Parvana & her father go to Mazar to find the rest of the family.
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