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A Long Walk to Water

No description

Nicole Green

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water

Unit 1, Lesson 2
A Long Walk to Water

Learning Targets
I can effectively participate in discussion with my classmates.

I can determine the central ideas of Chapter 1 of A Long Walk to Water.

I can determine the meaning of visual representations on a map.
Reading for the Gist - Chapter 1
1. Reread first section; add notes to Column 3 of
your Reader's Notes chart

2. Second section -"Southern Sudan 1985"; Write in
Columns 1 & 4
Think-Pair Share these notes
Exit Ticket
Looking at the opening map from A Long Walk to Water:
1. What do you now notice about the map and the route?

2. List in order the different environments that are on the route from the village of Loun-Ariik to Kakuma
Difficult Reading
1. Dig into text deeply

2. Account of violence
It is important to engage in discussions!
has to contribute for us to be successful!
Reader's Notes (Evidence)
Chapter 1 notes - In class

Chapter 2 notes - for HW!
Things Close Readers Do chart
"Get the gist of what the text is about."

"When text is emotionally difficult..."
Before your exit ticket...
Look at discussion Scenarios from Lesson 1 - Share new thinking.

What new connections can you make to the novel?

Look at the map inside the cover to see what you can determine about its visual representations
Get letter to families signed

Reread Chapter 1 and add to Reader's Notes (Column 5). Then read Chapter 2 of the novel. Write statements in your Reader's Notes (Columns 1, 2, and 4 about the gist).
Gist Statements
Salva is an 11-year-old boy in South Sudan.
Salva attends school.
Salva's father is important.
Salva herds cattle with other boys. Sometimes they play.
Salva is daydreaming.
While Salva is at school one day, fighting breaks out in his village, and the teacher tells all the students to run away into the bush.
Salva's country, Sudan, is in the midst of a war.
Add to Column 5

Page 6 gives key background information about the war.

Many gist statements for Chapter1
Revisit Learning Targets
Fist to Five for Targets 1 & 2
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