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Copy of The Other Side

No description

Tami Murphy

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Other Side

The Other Side
by Jacqueline Woodson Who is telling the story? How do you know? What race is Clover? Cite evidence to support your answer. Why do you think
the author uses a fence
in this story? Turn and Talk:
What are some
boundaries you are
not allowed to cross? The author said the girl in the pink sweater just stared back. Why didn't she talk to Clover? Compare how the girls and mothers are dressed. How does their attire contradict the problem of the story? Why do think Annie looks so sad? Compare Annie and Clover's feelings about the rain. Cite evidence that indicates their differences. Why do you think the author chose the "middle" of the summer for the rain to stop? Why does Clover run her hand over the fence before touching the top of it? My mama says.....
Mama said.......
My mama said.....

Why does the author use
repeated phrases in this story? Turn and Talk: Do you think the girls disobeyed their mothers? Why do you think Clover's mother didn't tell her to get down from the fence? How did Sandra's feelings toward Annie change? What does Annie mean when she says that "someday somebody will come along and knock the fence down"?
CULMINATING ACTIVITY: Clover and Annie climbed up on the fence because they wanted to test the boundary between them. They were sure that someday the fence would come down. Have you ever tested a boundary (tried to cross it to see what would happen)? Think about boundaries such as a street and fence, as well as a boundary such as a rule. Why did you test it? Did you ever wonder if the boundary was important? What did you find out?
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