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andrhea narvasa

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Preparedness


A Volcanic Eruption
Measures BEFORE
a Volcanic Eruption

Store as much Food, Water, Light sources and batteries that are very useful in case of emergency.
Volcanic eruptions have ash falls so be prepared for masks or anything to cover your nose and mouth.
make sure to have an evacuation plan that every family member knows.
Prepare communication devices for updates. Make sure you have all the possible means of receiving update from the local authorities.
volcanic eruption

Avoid areas downwind and river valleys downseam of the volcano.
stay out of the areas defined as a restricted zone by government officials.
protect yourself during ashfall
-wear goggles
-wear longsleeves
-use mask
follow the evacuation orders issued by the authorities
volcanic eruption

when outside, cover your mouth and nose. volcanic ash can irritate your respiratory system.
clear roofs of ashfall, if not cleared, it can cause buildings or houses to collapse
help neighbors who may need special assistance like infants, elderly people and people with disabilities
Keep animals indoors if possible, wash away ash on their paws or skin to keep them from ingesting the ash, and provide clean drinking water.
it's better to be ready and safe
than to suffer the consequences you're about to face.

every life is precious as a gold
save it or not, choose the path you're about to enfold.
chose to save it?
in a safer future we'll meet.
follow everything i have showed you
and when the time comes, you know what to do!
Andrhea D. Narvasa
9- St. Thomas Aquinas
volcanic eruptions are not a joke, survive or die are the only choices you have
now ask yourself,
are you ready enough?
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