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Cell Analogy

No description

Brooke Raboutou

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

The cell membrane regulates what comes in and out of the cell.
Cell Analogy
The mitochondria is an organelle where sugar is broken down to produce energy.
The nucleolus creates ribosomes and is inside of the nucleus.
The cell wall protects the cell and keps everything contained.
The Vacuole is a storage place where water and extra supplies are stored.
Cell wall
I think that the cell wall is the most like the capitol in the Hunger Games, beacause the Capitol keeps the districts under control.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is most like the force field in the arena of the Hunger Games, because it keeps everyone contained in the space.
The sponsors are a lot like the mitochondria because they give the tributes the energy to survive.
The Vacuole is a lot like the cornicopia because the cornicopia keeps the supplies needed to survive like the vacuole.
The Districts and the Nucleolus are quite similar because the tributes are a lot like the ribosomes, and they are needed for the games/cell to work. The Districts create the tributes just like the Nucleolus creates the ribosomes.
Chloroplast is were most of the photosynthesis in a plant cell takes place.
The reaping converts one energy into another, first you are a regular person then you might be a tribute ready to kill and die for your district. Just like photosynthesis converts one energy into another.
Rough ER
The rough endoplasmic reticulum delivers the proteins made by ribosomes throughout the cell.
The rough ER is like the mentors because the mentors change the tributes so they are ready to compete in the games.
Smooth ER
The smooth ER makes lipids and breaks down toxic materials.
The ribosomes are very important, they make proteins out of amino acids.
The tributes in the Hunger Games are a lot like the ribosomes in a cell. They are a key to the games, with out the tributes there are no games.
The nucleus contains the cells DNA and genetic material it is the control center.
The Game Center is what I think acts the most like the Nucleus because the game center is where everything begins just like the nucleus.
The DNA gives information to the organism of how to survive.
The game makers in the Hunger Games are a lot like the DNA in a cell because the game makers give instructions for the arena and they build obstacles for the tributes.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi Apparatus packages and modifies proteins for different organelles.
The Lysosomes digest food particles and get rid of waste.
I think that the hover crafts are a lot like the lysosomes because they both get rid of waste, the hovercrafts take away the dead people which are waste.
Peroxisomes regulate the energy of each cell.
The tracker is like the peroxisomes because it checks the energy and location of the tributes.
Centrioles keep the genetic material separate when the cell duplicates.
The peace keepers keep everything organized so there is no confusion or mix up like the centroiles.
Vesicles are little containers that transport proteins and lipids from one place to another.
Parachutes are a lot like vesicles because they transport the goods from sponsors to the tributes safely.
The End
By: Brooke Raboutou
This is the force field around the arena.
This is a picture of a cell membrane.
This is the cell wall, as you can tell it has many layers to protect the interior of the cell.
The symbol of the capitol
This is the mitochondria it also has many layers like the cell wall.
The nucleolus is in the center of the nucleus.
The reaping and chloroplast are close to the same thing, they both change one energy into another.
Haymitch is katniss's mentor, he gives her tips to stay alive.
The parachutes transport the goods. Just like the vesicles.
Hunger Games Analogy

The prep team is the most like the smooth ER because it gets the tributes ready for the entrance of the parade. This is a lot like the smooth ER because the smooth ER gets the lipids ready for the cell to use.
There are no ribosomes on the smooth ER.
Cina and the other people on the prep team help get Katniss ready for the parade
There are ribosomes every where and there are so many of them.
The tributes are like the ribosomes.
The nucleus holds the nucleolus and the DNA.
The game center controlls almost everyhting.
The career tributes are a lot like the Golgi Apparatus because they are modified and trained especially for the games so they can volunteer and have a better chance of winning.
The hover crafts pick up the dead tributes.
This is a peroxisome's.
This is the tracker that all the tributes get.
Thank You For Watching
By: Brooke Raboutou
The cornicopia holds all the supplies
The both either modify stuff or get modified.
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