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Business Swag

No description

Lauren Leaks

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Business Swag

The Interview
What to wear for Men
What to wear for Women
Make-Up for Interviews
Hair Tips for Men and Women
Hygiene Tips
Business Swag
Styles for Men
Navy Blue or Charcoal Gray suit.
The style should be a two or three buttoned, two piece suit.
Shirt color should be white, crème almond or pale-blue (Solid Shirts ONLY).
The tie size should be 2-3 inches wide. With a Windsor knot.
Shoes should be black, oxblood, or brown leather shoes.
Socks should complement your suit
Belt must match the color of your shoes.
Men should wear a watch with a link.
Styles for Women
Dark, two-piece, gray, navy, or black suit.
Dress up your look with a necklace or other piece of conservative jewelry.
Shoes should be at least mid-heal, closed-toe pump is a safe.
Women should wear a watch with a link or leather band.
Leather purse or briefcase
Make Up Tips
Should be natural
Light converge foundation
Nothing to dramatic on the eyes.
Warm eyeshadow colors.
Lips for be natural and match the color of your blush.
Your Hair
Men should have cut, trimmed hair, and a shaven face.
Men's hair: gels should be used to give your hair a forced appearance but a natural look.
Women's hair should be worn in a way that is not distracting.
Hygiene For
Men and Women
Make sure you have clean teeth and do not have bad breathe for the interview.
Clean hands
Cologne and perfume should be worn but not too much and it cannot be strong
Business Professional
Human Resources
Professional Dress for Men
Solid color 2 piece suit
Conservative, neutral color tie
Long sleeve, button down neutral color shirt
Polished dress shoes (match w/ suit)
Conservative watches/belts
Professional Dress for Women
Neutral, solid color suit
Matching pants or skirt
Blouse or camisole (white/light colors)
Basic pumps
Neutral hosiery or trouser socks
Keep jewelry simple
Carry small purse or professional bag/suitcase
Variations Amongst Fields
Wall Street vs. IT
How do you know what guidelines to follow?
Why Does Dress Matter?
More likely to be promoted
First impressions
Maintain and build your brand!
You could…
Get fired
Damage your brand
Casual Friday
The Problem With Casual Friday
No Set Dress Code
Too Casual
Varies Among Career Fields
Outfits for Women
In traditional careers
Different color blazer, dressy jeans or slacks, and flats or heels.
In non-traditional careers
More flexibility, and statement jewelry
Outfits for Men
In a traditional career
Sports Jacket, polo shirts, button down shirts, slacks, and loafers
In a non-traditional career
Allowed to wear more accessories.
Questions to Ask
Is there a Casual Friday dress code?
What is acceptable within the company?
Are you still representing your brand?
Grooming for Business Professionals
Tattoos in the Workplace
Tattoos In the Workplace
Tattoos can be a beautiful piece of art, but visible tattoos are not acceptable in a business setting.
Men with arm tattoos should always have them hidden under a nice shirt.
Women with neck tattoos should always wear there hair down to hide them.
Piercings are the most physical attribute that can lead to an individual not being hired, or an employee being fired.
Ear rings are acceptable, as long as they’re not too big and flashy
Nose rings, tongue rings, and snake bites are ABSOLUTELY unacceptable!
Necklaces and bracelets are nice to look at, but should not be worn in a business setting.
Both tend to take the focus off of the person wearing them due to flashiness.
A nice watch is acceptable. Compliments a man or woman’s nice suit.
Basic Grooming
Men should always have neatly, trimmed hair that’s combed or brushed.
Women should always have a nice hairdo that’s well-maintained.
Employees should always be well-bathed.
Fresh breath and cleanly, trimmed fingernails are also required.
Dressing professionally goes beyond your clothes.
Remember you are representing yourself and your company.
Your resume gets you the interview, your swag gets you hired.
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