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Kids shouldn't have homework

No description

Emily Soehren

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Kids shouldn't have homework

Kids shouldn't have homework
Should teachers give their students mandatory homework?
In extreme ICE we are debating. As we were voting the topic,it became even between 2 debate topics. I was on the side about mandatory homework. We had to research both the yes and no side. Then one day we drew from a bucket either the yes or no. I drew the no side and got a partner and we have to debate against each other.
Kids are too stressed!
In the U.S. many kids are stressed from doing mandatory homework. About 72% of students are chronically stressed by doing mandatory homework. Also, kids need their sleep. Teens need about 8 1/2 to 9 hours of sleep each night. They shouldn't be up all night doing homework that's due the next day.
Countries are beating us
Countries are out performing our education system. Studies show that countries,like Japan, that have very little homework assigned, out performed countries that have alot of homework like Greece and the U.S.A.. Also, a lot of kids are stressed. Researchers studied that 85% of kids have too much homework and are more stressed than kids without.
Difficulty doing the homework?
High schoolers are having difficulty doing their homework. About 59% of high schoolers said that they are having difficulty doing their homework and on top of that can't finish their regular assignments too. Then on top of that, over 90% of American children say their parents are involved.
Kids don't have time
One size fits all?
Almost 85% of teachers takes the "One size fits all" approach. Almost all of the time the homework doesn't fit the students needs. Also, why give homework when only 9.2% of America's students attend summer school. In conclusion, over all teachers just shouldn't give homework. These are the many reasons why they shouldn't.
Some kids don't have time. 79% of America's middle and high school students have after school activities. Also, 57% of kids have non- school activities almost everyday. Then, 20% of America's youth don't do their homework ,so why assign it?
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