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Planet Bulb.Presentation1

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Jennifer Todd

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Planet Bulb.Presentation1

Planet Bulb Houses of Worship: Churches Target Segment:
Houses of Worship


Catholic Churches

Medium Sized Catholic Churches

The Catholic Church 69.1 million Catholics; 23% of US population
Roughly 19,000 Parishes: Non-Profit
Final Customer: Priest & Building Manager--Older, Part-time, belong to community organizations
Growth Potential:
Other religions, different size institutions
Key Success factors
Customer Service
Willingness to help others
Frequency of orders
Size & usage of establishment
Our Process Church Supplier Analysis
Identify & Research the Customer: Local Churches & demographic research
Competitor Analysis: Large retail to online lighting companies
Develop a Marketing Plan: Utilize class discussions & lessons
Test Marketing Plan Affiliate Program
Magazine Advertisments
E-mail Campaign
Downloadable Catalogue
Calendar Campaign Affiliate Partners
Online Candle Stores
Earn 25 % when your visitor comes directly to our site from yours with no discounts to the customer
Earn 20% when your visitor uses your Promo Code for a 5% discount on all orders over $100. Cost
Added revenue stream US Catholic
Offers opportunity to advertise on web or in print. 400-3000 depending on size & quality. Cost:
Inserts starting at $54 per 1000
Advertisements range from $400 to $3000
"Waiting Room" magazine Magazine Advertisements Affiliate Programs E-mail Campaign Costs:
Financially Free
Requires Manpower
Client List Benefit:
Builds relationships
Direct Access
Easy Implementation E-mail Campaign Organized for Easy to Read display of products Cost:
Financially Free
Requires manpower Benefit:
Downloadable for those unfamiliar with the Internet Downloadable Catalogue, PDF Time to Order Stickers
"If you use your CFL 105 W, 120 V, Spiral Light 8 hours per day, everyday then you should reorder on Month, Day."

50 (Digital Printing) subtotal: $789.04 per piece $15.78 Benefit:
Customer Return-Rate
Showcase of Projects/Customers Calendar Campaign Final Recommendation Begin in the Kansas City area utilizing the Marketing Plan To Implement a direct emailing campaign to build a mutually beneficial relationship while creating a loyal customer.
To develop a downloadable PDF catalogue so the customer can have a tangible item to held while planning and creating a budget
To build a contractual relationship with an affiliate website to benefit from similar customers
To implement a church journal advertisement to reach a broad range of catholic churches
To create a direct marketing mailing calendar to help keep the buyer organized and remind them of reorders.
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