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p4 - use marketing research for marketing planning

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lauren tweedie

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of p4 - use marketing research for marketing planning

p4 - use marketing research for marketing planning
PESTLE Analysis
political factors are usually beyond the control of the organization and businesses need to anticipate changes and identify any factors that affect the business. the changes in laws and regulations such as accounting standards and tax requirements can affect the company by affecting their ability to penetrate the developing markets that involves the political and economic conditions.however coca cola always monitor the policies and regulations set by the government.
social and cultural factors
social factors that can affect the sales of coca cola's products the following
change of lifestyle as people change their diets they may want to keep drinking fizzy drinks just more likely the ones with less sugar and less calories.
Also with younger people there is an increase in drinking fizzy drinks as it can give them a little sugar rush and more and more younger children want to drink the new fizzy drink to see what it taste like and what affect it can havve on them this can be due to the fact of the adverts that are shown on TVs and in stores.
culturally coca cola should give more importance for the culture of the people as this major element decides the consumer behaviour so where coca cola may have to change some of their adverts to meet cultural differentces as if they do this its more likely more people want to buy the product
purpose of presentation
within this presentation i will go onto to use my marketing research that i have collected for coca cola to market my own idea for a new coca cola new fizzy drink.
my own idea for a coca cola's new fizzy drink
many people now a days are trying to keep fit and want to have a nice refreshing no calories drink, so my idea is to have a tropical calorie free fizzy drink that will refresh each person when they drink it.
The political factors that affect coca cola
changes in laws and regulations - e.g tax rate changes,modified tax law interpretations,environmemntal laws.
changes in non-alcoholic business era -e.g product and pricing policy pressures and the ability to maintain shares of sales worldwide
political conditions,specifically in international markets-e.g civil conflict,governmental changes.
ability to penetrate emerging and devolping markets - this relies on economic and political conditions such as civil conflict and govermental changes and coca colas ability to form an effective strategic business alliances
Economic analysis and factors
economic analysis examines the local,national and world economy impact and this includes the issue of recession and inflation rates for an example during the recession of 2001 the government took an aggressive actions to turn the ecomy around by 2002 this means that coca cola took not of this and how it affect their company back then and as a company they realized that loan interest rates rised as the economy returned meaning coca cola took low cost loans out in 2001 to fund a growth in 2002
A PESTLE stands for the following and i will go to explain each part in coca cola

P-political factors
E-economic factors
S-social and cultural factors
T-technological factors
L-legal factors
E- environment factors
legal and environment
SMART objectives
strategy tactics

technologial techniques are valued when promoting a product.this creates opportunies new products aand any product improvements in the terms of marketing. as the technology advances coca cola will follow not far behind to do anything to get there products seen more by the public. coca cola will do this by advertising their new products for an example coca cola life on websites,TV,build boards and many other ways like through franchises
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