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Grace House

No description

James Bevel

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Grace House

Shayla King
Course #462
Mrs. Hughey
Grace House
Jan. 12 - 16
Jan. 19 - 23
My Internship
Grace House
Filed Paperwork
1st thing I learned
Most important thing I learned
Open & Closed Clients
Receive Girl's Application
Check Eligibility for Basic Program
Once approved, intake process begins.
Jan. 26 - 30
Experienced ISP Meeting

Process for girl’s home visits

Child Nutrition Program
Feb. 9 - 13
Feb. 2 - 6
Girl’s Night/ Talk
FASD Training
Feb. 16 - 20
MAT test scores + significance to GH

Taco Soup with Hannah & Cheryl

Feb. 23 - 27
Representative from State Dpt. Of H.R. in Montclair Medical Rehab Services

You’ve Been Caught… Doing…

Special Assignment
Positive Reinforcement


Mar. 2 - 7
Red Barn

Bunk Beds for More Room

Office Keys

Brenda Ladun SK

Mar. 16 - 20
Learned how to fill out a Purchase Order Form

Cinderella Movie Night with the girls
Mar. 23 - 27
Mar. 30 - April 4
April 6 - 11
Learned the billing process for the Clinical Department

Presented My Learning Center at Grace House Campus School
April 13 - 18
Experienced the Clinical Dept. procedures on the weekend.
Learned about Medication &Client Sign-in Logs
Mar. 9 - 13
New Project from M.E.

Church of the Highlands

Tati’s Hair

Grace House Ministries mission is to provide stable christian homes to girls from crisis backgrounds with the aim of developing them into mature, moral women.
"Paperwork for Days"
Great amount of paperwork involved.
"Meetings & Visits"
"Hands-On Education"
"Seeing the Results"
"The Official Side of Things"
"You've Been Caught...
Doing Something Good!"
"Staying Busy"
"Slide Title"
"Spring Break - Week 1"
"Spring Break - Week 2"
"Weekend Warriors"
1st TX Plan Meeting
Put in charge of
off-campus TLP girls
Spring Break Activities
Was House Parent
for a Night
Spring Break

Bulletin Board

Angel of the Month / YBC drawing
[ will announce winners at the end of March ]
"Project: Bulletin Board"

They were completely different from from our duties during the week.
April 20 - 22
Had an awesome, enlightening moment with one of the girls

Staff surprised me with a cake & a card signed by everyone
"Feeling Loved"
Jan. 12 - 16
Jan. 19 - 23
Jan. 26 - 30
Feb. 2 - 6
Feb. 9 - 13
Feb. 16 - 20
Feb. 23 - 27
Special Assignment
Mar. 2 - 7
Mar. 9 - 13
Mar. 16 - 20
Mar. 23 - 27
Mar. 30 - April 4
April 6 - 11
April 13 - 18
April 20 - 22
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