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The Origin Of Call Of Duty: ZOMBIES

Coming from the mind of an obsessive person.MY gamertag on xbox is kaitiie2111. You're welcome.

Kayy Geer

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of The Origin Of Call Of Duty: ZOMBIES

The Origin of Call Of Duty: ZOMBIES
What we need to know before we even start is how it all began.
Here is a video link to a playlist explaining the whole storyline:
The Weapons
Weapons in Zombies are hard to tell if they're effective or not, unless you use by experience. A great tip is that if it's cheap (Off a wall), it's probably not a good choice. Such as the M-14. (shown below to right)
Wonder weapons are the best weapons to get and they are very very useful. They include but are limited to depending on the map:
The Ray Gun & The Ray Gun Mark II
The Thunder Gun
The Monkey (Bomb)
The Wunder Waff DG-2
( also known as the WonderWaffle)
This image shows a chalk drawing to get weapons. Sometimes, buying a weapon on the wall is the difference between life and death.
Note: An exception to this tip, in my opinion, is the MP-40. (Not available in Black ops 2)
The Winter's Howl
The VR-11
31-75 JGb215
(AKA The Baby Gun)
The Wave Gun
Hell's Retreiver
The BlunderGat
The Paralyzer
Thrustodyne Aeronatics Model 23
(AKA The Jet Gun)
Know your Magic
The Scavenger
Girsch Device
Time bomb
Quantum Entanglement device
The Golden Spork
Perks help you survive and give you different ablities. In zombies, Perks are shown as sodas you can buy with your points from machines. The Link can tell you what each Perk-a-cola does . The images and costs are shown below.
(AKA Jugg)
Cost: 3000
Double Tap Rootbeer
AKA Double Tapp
Cost: 2000
PHD Flopper
Cost: 2000
Quick revive
Solo Cost: 500
Co-Op Cost: 1500
Deadshot Daiquiri
AKA Deadshot
Cost: 1500
Who's Who
Cost: 2000
Electric Cherry
Vulture's Aid
Cost: 3000
The Mystery box and the Pack-a-Punch
The mystery box is one of the keys to survival.
It costs 950
for random weapon and is the only place
where most of
the wonder weapons are found. Though t
he appearance
has changed in Mob of the Dead, it still
serves the same

The Pack-a-Punch is also a great asset
to your game play. It changes almost
any weapon into a great or decent on.
The names of the weapon change and
in the new Black
ops, you can
Pack-a-Punch a
gun more than
(Only changing the scopes).
Cost is 500
Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs in vigdeo games are pretty much what they sound like. They're these special missions you have to find that will give you an achievement and/or help you somehow. They are found on many maps and are very complicated. Some Easter Eggs are not missions and are simply just a hidden reference to something such as the Teddy bear and the ability to play songs during the games.(ask and I will explain). Overall, these missions take a lot of serious work to complete and usually require a full team of four.
Sammantha's Teddy Bear
Some of the
comic book easter egg
(Loading screens are linked)
A few more notes..
Turning on the power
can also have a consequence
Some maps have mini zombie bosses who are very powerful and hard to beat. Also a certain zombie such as the Hell Hounds (dogs), or monkeys and more can come every certain amount of rounds .(Ask me and I'll warn you about them.)
Training is a great technique that involves circling an area and helps keep the zombies from getting you while you shoot.

Corner yourself.
Unless the hellhounds, Monkeys, and other kind of rounds occur,
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