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User's guide

No description

Hashita Nathani

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of User's guide

Step 1
1) Download the app

Go to the app store in the device you are using. Press the search button and type ‘Instagram’. Find the app select it. After that press install and type your apple id.

If you download the app from Itunes you have to sync it to your IOS device so you are able to use it.

Step 3

*You can now follow your friends by searching their names or user names. Following people allows you to see their posts and newsfeed. It is your choice to follow anyone you like even if you don’t know the person. Click ‘Next’ when you are finished.

Step 4
Instagram Direct. You can choose if you want to share your photo with all your followers or just a few. Click on the "Direct" button, and choose the followers you would like with.
Step 5
This is the last step.
To post a picture click on the ''camera" button. Write a caption and press "post". You can double tap to like a picture. You will get used to it once you figure out everything.
Step 2

Once you have downloaded it click on the app. After you click on it create an account. Click the ‘sign Up’ button (it is at the bottom of the screen). Once you click it you have to enter your email, username, password and if you want you can even add your phone number but it is optional.
User's guide

How to use it?
2) Create an account
3) Follow friends
*You can add friend any time you like even after creating your account. Click ‘Done’ to complete the process and continue directly to you account.
After that it is your choice if you want to upload a photo to create your account. You can choose to write a little of some personal information at the ‘about’ section and you could also add your personal website. If you would like you could make your account private by adjusting in settings.
2) Create an account
3) Follow Friends
4) Instadirect
It can be used to share clear and accurate information by posting picture about our lives, by the captions and many more.
Clear and Accurate information
Show more about personal life
Tag people on quotes/ pictures
Message people
By: Hashita
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