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Basic Maths


Vincent Tey

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Basic Maths

Members of our group Case study of our group •Chan Kam Fei
•Chai Kum Xun
•Vincent Tey The management of Sunway Canteen Management System has received complaints on the time it takes to pay for food. They have commissioned you to do a preliminary study to determine the average time to pay for food and to identify the peak periods. Jeremy Lee
Mun Quang Yau
Wong King Hoe
and why? How?? We asked customers who bought their food how long they took to make their purchase. How?? Why?? Simpler then surveys
Subjects are more wiling to give response How?? We only collect data from customers of the main canteen source Why?? To preserve data consistency as different shop have different equipments and staff training that might affect queue time We collected data during breakfast (8am - 10 am) and lunch period (12pm- 2pm) Why?? Though visual observation we determine the peak period was during breakfast and lunch time. The calculation part The calculation part The end We recommend Add more counter
and worker Student strictly no
hand phone
during paying period Conclusion The skewness of the
both data shows not
much changes in term
of the Relative
Dispersion. We recommend the
canteen to have
more counter and
strictly no using of
hand phone during
the waiting period.
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