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Wait... We have to *create* community??!

A guide to the people and programs of the Rez Life Office

Ria Rombough

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Wait... We have to *create* community??!

A guide to the people and programs of the Rez Life Office
Wait... We have to *create* community??!
Professional and student staff who work most directly with our students. They are responsible for the intentional community building inside and outside of our Residences.
Who works for Rez Life?
Live in Residences with our students
Have other full-time roles at McGill
Provide mentorship and supervision to student leaders and student staff
Are resource people, crisis managers, and Disciplinary Officers (i.e. give our students a good reason 'not to do something stupid'
- Michael Hoover, 2003)
(there are 9/10 Halls, but more HDs
including co-Directors)
Hall Directors
Student Academic Staff
(Floor Fellows, MORE Fellows & Dons)
Are senior, full-time students at McGill
Primary responsibilities are role-modeling, building community, and peer counselling
Have completed a rigorous training process to prepare them for many sensitive issues
there are 70 SAS (without Douglas in 2013-14)
Residence Life Facilitators (Rez Lifers)
Plan and execute Rez welcome activities (Rez Fest) and programs throughout the year
Plan and coordinate elections and training for residence Councils, and provide support throughout the year for Inter-Residence Council (IRC)
work with specific portfolios
there are 8 Rez Lifers
Full-Time Residence Life Office Staff
Residence Life Resource Facilitator
Residence Life Advisors
Associate Director, Residence Life
Our residents hear about RESPECT a lot.
Before they arrive: website, Campus Connect, Life In Rez handbook, Rezonate blog, Target McGill
When they get here: Hall/Floor Meetings, signage, whiteboards, Rez Project
All year long: ongoing dialogue, disciplinary proceedings,
Providing the Framework:
our RESPECT rule
An important part of what we do is getting our students involved in the decision-making process:
Hall and Inter-Residence Councils
University Residence Council and its sub-Committees (Accommodations, Facilities, Budget, Rez Life)
Work Groups (Rez Project, Orientation, Selection)
Getting our students involved:
Leadership Development
Giving our students something to do:
Learning Opportunities and you know, Fun
Publications and social media (Rezonate blog, Facebook, Twitter, Life in Rez handbook)
Approvals (i.e. tabling, postering, advertising)
Counsellor-in-Rez program (new in 2013)
Committees and Work Groups across campus: Service Point, Open House, ISS, First-Year Office, Orientation/Frosh, Co-Curricular Record, Alcohol Policy
Video tours
Communications, Liaising & Gatekeeping
We are at University Hall, 3473 University Street...
or most days at RVC lunch :)
Rez Fest & Rez Warz
Rez Fest I and II: our welcome activities for all residents
Rez Warz: inter-rez competition for points and bragging rights; goes on all year (dodgeball, soccer, iron chef, improv)
Rez Project: a MANDATORY workshop for all new residents that illuminates issues of gender, sexuality and sexual assault
Rezinars: sessions where groups and offices from campus come to rez to share information and tools with our students (i.e. Shag Shop, CAPS, Counseling and Tutorial)
Faculty in Rez
Opportunities for Faculty members to interact with students in a casual learning environment - their caf and common spaces
Students nominate professors to share a meal with them, followed by wine, cheese and a talk about the prof's area of research
in 2012-13 there were 30 events + first live-in Faculty In Residence scholar (visiting prof Tru Leverette)
Living-Learning Communities
Students opt to live together in Rez based on a shared interest:
Health & Fitness @ Carrefour
Do-It-Yourself @ Molson
Food @ Citadelle
Fine Arts @ RVC
Green @ MORE
Community Engagement
Volunteer opportunities for students at McGill and in Montreal
new in 2013-14: volunteer placement counselling
Holiday Homestay
connecting students with McGill families and each other over the Winter Break
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