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Gr.11 History -Saqqara The City of the Dead

16th Century World History.

MairBear Libah

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Gr.11 History -Saqqara The City of the Dead

By: Mariam Suron The City of the Dead -Saqqara Site Overview Location located in Egypt On West Bank of the Nile River 30km South of modern day Cairo Time Period Description From the Saqqara Plateau edge the Nile Valley is visible

Opposite side mountains and steep cliffs are visible

Mostly dessert to bury the dead

Precious agriculture is not wasted Early Dynasty New Kingdom Saqqara founded by King Narmer 2630 3000 King Djoser built the first pyramid King Sekhemkhet's tomb design. 2649 2345 Pyramid of King Unas was the first to
have magic texts on the wall 1350 Officials of King Akhenaten had tombs with Amarna style elemts on them Officials of King Tutankhamun were also buried in Saqqara. 1334 664 Shaft tombs were dug up between the older New Kingdoms tombs Late Period Archaeologists Tomb of Horemheb

First discovered in the 19th Century by art robbers

Later relocated by Anglo-Dutch mission in 1975 3D model of the six step
pyramids of the first Pharaoh Finds Able to learn the health conditions of the people in the time period Educated by Saqqara Soilder protecting tomb from looters Photos of The Tombs The Two Brothers Double tomb of Niankhnum and Khnumhotep
Tomb was found under a Causeway of Unas in the 1960´s
Most beautiful and special tomb in the Era Gis El-Mudir Zahi Hawass and his team excavated the Gis El-Mudir early 2011

One belonged to a man named Iya-maat and the other to a 5th Dynasty woman named Thinh

6th Dynasty mud-brick mastaba tomb of a man named Sennedjem Zahi Hawass opened the sealed lid
of one of the limestone sarcophagi

mummy was revealed, wrapped in the typical style of the 26th Dynasty The face of Padi-heri's coffin The contents of one of the niches Religious elements of the time period How civilizations have evolved Helps us undederstand patterns that occur in history
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