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Korean War

Korean War Summary

Michael Flood

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

THE KOREAN WAR The Korean War began in
June, 1950 when the North
Korean Communist army
crossed the 38th parallel and
invaded non-communist South
Korea. South Korea was caught
off guard and North Korea
troops took over the capital,
Seoul, and almost took over
the whole country. A few months later the UN
forces in Korea attacked
Inchon, a city near Seoul,
and took back Seoul pushing
North Koreans back into
North Korea. North Korea had almost
lost entirely to South Korea
and the UN forces, but the
Chinese then joined sides with
North Korea. Their were 16
nations involved. Together they crossed
the border once again and
took control over Seoul, only
to lose it back to South Korea
and the UN forces in March,
1951. They began using MASH
(Mobile Army Surgical
Hospitals) Three million people
died. The United States wished for peace
talks to begin. Peace talks went on
without anything happening for the
next two years. Battles were still
fought in the same area's. Finally, on July 27th, 1953, the
papers were signed and an
agreement was made. Nobody
really won the war, and nothing
really changed. There are still
disputes between North Korea and
South Korea even today. The end of
the Korean War marked the beginning
of the Cold War.
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