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Emergency Procedures Review

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Kim Kolk

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Emergency Procedures Review

Emergency Procedures Review
january 2015 RAD Assignment
This presentation will help remind you of basic emergency procedures and protocols you will need to be successful as an RA.
Please follow along with the worksheet and fill in the blanks of the worksheet from the content in this presentation! Enjoy!
Types of

An emergency is a threat to life and/or property that requires IMMEDIATE response from trained professionals.
Belmont University Office of Campus Security:
Non-emergency: 615-460-6617
Emergency: 615-460-6911
If a situation occurs and it requires the attention of a Residence Director (RD), you should...
First, contact the RD of the building where the incident is occurring (Before 11:00 PM)
AFTER 11:00 PM, call the RD on Call

If they are unavailable, contact the RD on Call
-There are two RDs on call, one for freshmen halls and one for upperclassmen areas.
-Make sure you have the right phone numbers and are calling the correct RD on Call
Freshmen On Call Cell Phone: 615-512-9042
Upperclassmen On Call Cell Phone: 615-512-9003
In the event that an emergency situation needs to be communicated to our students, the RD will inform the desk worker or RA to hang the appropriate emergency signs.
The seven emergency signs are:
Tornado Watch
Tornado Warning
Water Outage
Power Outage
Inclement Weather
Emergency Message
*Please note: there may be times that RAs will not be expected to post signs due to unsafe conditions
*After an emergency has passed, it is the responsibility of the RA on Duty or other staff as designated to collect and return any signs.
When a fire alarm or sprinkler system is activated or smoke/fire is seen, you should:
1. Call Campus Security at 615-460-6911. Do NOT call 911 directly!
2. Grab the emergency roster
3. Knock on doors on your way OUT of the building.
4. Once outside, call the RD of the building if they aren't already present. If you can't get them, contact the RD on Call!

*if you are an RA and not at the desk when the alarm activates, knock on doors on your way out. Do not backtrack or go to floors above you.
*Instruct residents to the evacuation location for your building.
Once everyone is outside:
Start trying to get a head count for your floor/building and figure out who is missing.
Work with the rest of the staff to keep everyone calm and away from the building.
Do not let residents return until you are given the all-clear from your Residence Director.

Heron, Pembroke, Hail: inner circle of campus/quad
Patton/Bear House: The Lawn/McWhorter Patio
Potter: The Lawn/Soccer Field Drive
Wright/Maddox: South Lawn (grassy knoll in front of W/M)
Kennedy: gravel lot
Thrailkill: Between TK garage and building 6 of Hillside
Bruin Hills: clubhouse; surface lot away from fire
Hillside: Buildings 1-5 = 12th Avenue parking lot
Buildings 6-9 = surface lot between Hillside and Bruin Hills
Dickens: surface lot between Hillside and Bruin Hills
Horrell: gravel lot
Two Oaks: gravel lot
Belmont Commons: parking lot of FMS building

The weather radio should remain on at all times!
If the weather radio goes off, listen to what the watch/warning is for. Also, listen for affected counties. We are in Davidson County!
Tornado Watch:
A tornado watch is issued when the weather is conducive to the development of a tornado. A tornado watch will be accompanied by other information including area and length of time it is in effect.
1. Listen to the weather radio if it sounds for Davidson County.
2. Begin hanging the emergency notification signs.
3. Call the RD of the building to notify them of the situation.
Tornado Warning (radars indicate a funnel cloud formation or tornados have been spotted):
Students will be alerted that a tornado has developed.
1. Listen to the weather radio if it sounds for Davidson County.
2. Notify the RD or RD on Call and follow their instructions for evacuating residents to the designated tornado shelter areas.
3. Grab the emergency roster.
4. Once in assigned shelter, make sure residents move to fill the space effectively.
5. Attempt to keep residents calm and at ease. RAs should spread out through the shelter area and not cluster together.
6. Do not leave the shelter area until notified by Residence Life or Campus Security.
Designated shelter areas for tornado warning:

Hail: 1st floor hallway--make sure all resident rooms are shut and end doors are closed
Heron: basement
Pembroke: 1st floor
Patton/Bear House/Potter: basement
Wright/Maddox: ground floor of Wright, 1st floor of Maddox
Kennedy: basement
Thrailkill: 1st floor
Bruin Hills: downstairs clubhouse; interior room in a lower level apartment
Hillside: interior room in a lower level apartment
Belmont Commons: interior room, closet, or hallway
Dickens/Horrell: 1st floor hallway
Two Oaks: basement
*We encourage all residents to be on the text alert system so they can be notified of weather emergencies. Sign up via your myBelmont account!
If you are first on the scene and it is not life threatening, call the RD first.
If it is life threatening (lots of blood, not breathing, etc...) call Campus Security first.
RAs should NEVER transport students to the hospital without consulting with an RD first. Because you are a staff member of the University, there is increased liability if you transport a resident.
Do not leave a student alone; call other staff members for help if you need it!
If you see an emergency vehicle in front of your building, notify your RD to make sure they are aware of the situation!
If a student is visibly intoxicated, call Campus Security first then the RD of that building.
Remember: ask for help if you feel overwhelmed!
Hospital and Local Clinic Information:

St. Thomas MidTown Hospital
2000 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37236
615-284-8484 (emergency)
615-284-5555 (general info)

St. Thomas Hospital
4220 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205
615-222-2111 (general info)
615-222-6733 (emergency)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
1211 22nd Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
615-322-5000 (general info)
615-322-3391 (emergency)

Local Clinics:
TN Urgent Care Associates
339 White Bridge Road (near Target)
OPEN: 7:00AM-8:00PM Monday-Friday 8:00-6:00PM Saturday Sunday
No appointment necessary

Green Hills Medical Clinic
2001 Glen Echo Road
OPEN: 8:30AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday; 9:00AM-2:00PM Saturday
Appointment and insurance required

Minute Clinic CVS
426 21st Avenue South

**In the event of a lockdown, your first priority is your own safety!!**

Once you are notified that something is happening, go to your room, lock the door, and stay in your room until you receive the official all clear.

On your way to your room, instruct all students you pass by to seek shelter immediately.

You will be provided with contact numbers for your residents and staff; begin calling residents and telling them to stay in their rooms with the door locked until they are otherwise notified.

For residence halls and apartment communities, desk workers and RAs are not expected to travel through a building posting emergency signage.

However, these signs can be given to trained authorities (Campus Security or Metropolitan Nashville Police Department) to be used.

There may be a case where an event in another building on campus causes a full campus lockdown; then, an RA or Desk Worker may be utilized to hang signs.

If the incident is in your area and it is too dangerous to go to your room, hide out of sight and remain there until given the all-clear.
What is a maintenance emergency?
Emergency maintenance care is needed when there’s the threat of loss or damage to university property or there’s a potential threat to your well-being and ability to function in your space because of a maintenance issue.
Examples of maintenance emergencies:

• Plumbing failure
• Water leaks
• Flooding, especially around electrical areas
• Power Outage
• Lack of heat or air conditioning during extreme temperature seasons
• Electrical/light failure

• If a maintenance emergency occurs during operating hours (M-F, 7am-3:30pm), call Facilities Management Services at (615) 460 –- 6670
• If an maintenance emergency occurs after FMS hours, contact Campus Security Non-Emergency (615) 460 - 6617

Congratulations, you've finished! Make sure to email your rd with your quiz results!
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