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Timeline About Stoves

No description

d wilson

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Timeline About Stoves

Timeline About Stoves
First Cast Iron Stoves or Jamb Stoves
These stoves were made circa 1728 by German designers.

Invention of the Castrol Stove
The Castrol stove was invented by an architect named François Cuvilliés. The design completely contained the fire and had 3-4 openings with iron plates covering them. This was in 1735
Franklin Stove
Benjamin Franklin invented the first metal fireplace to heat peoples houses sometime in 1741. It was intended to produce more heat and less smoke to heat peoples houses. It was known as the "Franklin Stove" or "circulating stove".

Circa 1800 Benjamin Thompson invented a working iron kitchen stove
The "Rumford stove" was designed for really large working kitchens areas. It had one fire source that had many cooking pots, and each cooking pots temperature could be regulated.
Jordan Motts Coal Burning Stove
in 1883 Jordan Motts created the first coal burning stove. The name of the stove was called the 'baseburner". It was a small cylindrical stove with a hole on the top and a metal ring.
Thomas Ahearn Electric Stove
Some people credit him with inventing the first electric stove. Him and his partner Warren Soper owned their own company and invented the stove.
Microwave ovens

It was a 100 watt microwave and was priced at 500 dollars. More affordable, safer, cheaper, and more reliable than previous models.

The Stoves Today
These stove are now up to date to 2014. There are a lot of different company that makes these stoves not certain people. They also have up to date gas stoves, electric stoves, and fireplaces.
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