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No description

Alec Iannuccilli

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of CSI ALGERBRA

Who do you arrest?
In this project, we recieved a letter from Chief Harris, containing information on Calcuu Paraboloid, an evil villain who plans to take over the world. Using our mathematical skills, we had to decide which of the polices six suspects to arrest.
Problem One
The first problem we had to solve was finding the GCF of 3 Monomials, and our answer was 44.
Problem Two
Next, we had to graph wether or not a certain amount of angry birds hit the pigs.
Problem Three
For problem three, we had to determine which of the six celebrities factoring question left by Calcuu Paraboloid had (x-2) in it.
Problem Four
Problem Four, luckily, was a freebie.
Problem Five
In problem five, we had to determine the width of the football field.
Problem Six
For the sixth problem, we had to use a very complex quadratic formula. This is our fourth page of work. The answer is in the top right corner.
The Final Equation
Our Answer
Our final answer came out to be Ben's number, which was 1776. Our answers to the problems go as follows (in case you didn't see them)
s=44, r=2, b=-2, u=630, w=160, a=3.4
Done by
James Plashke and Alec Iannuccilli
Thank You!
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