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Class Dojo

No description

Alicia Dorman

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Class Dojo

Appropriate for Variety of Classroom Needs:
Customize classes
"Award Multiple Students" button makes it easy to award whole class or large groups all at once (e.g., "on-time")
"Random" button makes it easy to "catch kids being good" -> hit the random button -> look at what the student is doing -> give point accordingly
Class Dojo
Classroom Management for the Plugged-In Generation
What is Class Dojo?
Suggestion #1: Plain Jane
Assign students all the same avatar to begin. Students can only change their avatar when they reach X amount of points AND parents log on to help them change it. Students want to customize avatars so this motivates them to earn points and get their parents signed up.

for Success
Suggestion #3: Yay points!
Award prizes for points rather than percentage. Points are kid-friendly whereas percentages can be a more challenging concept. In addition, their points are displayed.
How will this help me manage classroom behavior?
Will this help me track behavior data?
Is this appropriate for my classroom and will my students buy in?
Is it time consuming or costly?
Let's find out!!!

Manage Behavior:
Set clear classroom expectations -> use these to determine your customized behavior points
Tell students what they will earn for positive behavior = incentive
Give points at regular intervals (e.g., "on-time") and irregular intervals (e.g., "on-task")
Students will hear high pitched chime when their behavior was positive and low pitched note when behavior was negative
Give parents additional information by adding notes at the end of the day

Online behavior management tool that allows teachers to track behavior online and share progress with parents and students
Students create online individualized avatars and teachers award the avatars points for behavior
Class Dojo tracks and keeps an online record of behavior for every student
Customizable positive and negative behaviors to your specific classroom needs (+1 for positive behaviors and -1 for negative behaviors)
Have a problem with kids not raising their hands? Add "raising hands" to positive behaviors
Tracks daily, weekly, & monthly points with time stamp
Instructor can add notes to days in order to further describe behavior
Provides overall percentage of positive points of class and by individual student
Useful for parent/teacher conferences and IEPs

Student Buy In:
Use Class Dojo as a means for students to earn incentives
individual / whole class
daily / weekly / monthly
Friendly competitions between classes or students
Highest overall percentage
Least negative points
Most positive points
Encourage parents to provide incentives at home as well
Time & Money:
Quick & easy set-up
Additional tutorials available on the Class Dojo website & Youtube Channel
Sign-Up is currently FREE
Includes file of classroom resources (e.g., certificates, stationary, behavior posters, etc.)
Suggestion #2: On the go Dojo!
Be sure to download Class Dojo app to smartphones and tablets for on the spot reinforcement, just pull out your phone and give a point!
Adrienne Baerg and Alicia Dorman
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