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Designing Learning Environments

No description

Scott Fuller

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Designing Learning Environments

What types of learning does your current classroom set-up encourage?
Brainstorm Activity
Sketch your typical classroom set-up.
Briefly describe what 1 period in your classroom typically looks like.
Some Snapshots
Your Mission
1. Think of the types of learning that you would like to
happen in your room.

2. Think about what you really need and what could go

3. Begin redesigning your space.
Designing Learning Environments
Eliminate clutter!
What style of learning
do rows promote?
Does adding technology necessarily change anything?
Who can sit here?

Spacing and
comfort are key!
Best "Teacher Fort"
Reutilize the old!
Students love writable
space to collaborate
Promote independence!
There is power in giving
up control!
Rigorous and standards based center work that is hands on!
Think differently about room arrangement!
Give students ownership of the wall space!
One vision of a redesigned classroom.
What is yours?
For a deeper dive, visit:
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