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bill bruton

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism

transcranial magnetic stimulation Yale researchers reported that TMS can eliminate auditory hallucinations suffered by many schizophrenia patients.
Harvard scientists have shown that the treatment can reduce what was thought to be intractable chronic pain.
A team at Columbia University used TMS to improve memory in people suffering from sleep deprivation Uses magnets to fix brain activity Magnetic Navigation By Birds Biblography
http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/speaker6.htm Magnetic Levitation Is a system of transportation that suspends, guides and propels vehicles using magnetic repulsion from a very large number of magnets for lift and propulsion Next to, or essentially in, each pigeon skull, they located a tiny piece of tissue 1 mm by 2 mm (about 1/16 in by 1/8 in) that was somewhat magnetic. Searches inside this tissue with an electron microscope revealed the presence of more than ten million tiny crystals each four times as long as wide. Other tests demonstrated that these crystals were magnetite, the iron-oxygen compound of which compass needles are made. When the PIT gives a pulse, a large charge builds up in a group of capacitors behind the coil and is released. This creates a current that moves circularly in the direction as seen in the diagram. The current then creates a magnetic field in the outward radial direction, which then creates a current in the ammonia gas that has just been released in the opposite direction of the original current. This opposite current ionizes the ammonia and these positively charged ions are accelerated away from the PIT engine due to the electric field jθ crossing with the magnetic field Br Pulsed inductive thrusters Magnetic "stick and ball" Construction Toys They are used to calculate all the possible structures' entropy, or all the possible cluster structures that could be formed from a given number of particles Used in satellites Used for high speed trains Used by birds to avoid storms For Physics experiments The two magnets interact with each other. When the electromagnet's polar orientation switches, so does the direction of repulsion and attraction. In this way, the alternating current constantly reverses the magnetic forces between the voice coil and the permanent magnet. This pushes the coil back and forth rapidly, like a piston Speakers Used to make sounds
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