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The Ghostly Gazett

No description

Rose Hughes

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of The Ghostly Gazett

by Victoria Hughes
Top 5 Most Haunted Places in the WORLD!
Thursday, July 10, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
by Jessica Lewis
Dr. Grimes Dental Office
by John Nemith
Ghosts in Origins
Location: 1125 20th St. Huntington, WV.

Practitioner: Dr. William L. Grimes

Phenomena: Paranormal activity/sightings occurring within office.

Prehistoric Culture

Burial due to fear of the deceased

Start of the Theory of Miasma

This allowed for control of diseases that would be caused by the decay of matter (Germ theory developed later)

Burial of deceased kin

The Ghostly Gazette
Mr. and Mrs. Wall,Lavina’s parents
Born in 1908. Died in 1929.

Former resident of the duplex.

Died in duplex, either by appendicitis, alcohol poisoning, or being pushed down the stairs by her father.

Most commonly seen spirit within the office.

Dr. Grimes painted a picture of Lavina and hung it in the stair case where he sees her most
Cyrus Wall (1880 – 1952)

Bernice Rodgers Wall (1880 – 1972)

Mrs. Wall left Ohio with Lavina and her oldest sister to escape an abusive marriage.

They moved into the duplex in 1913.


May 2007 with Huntington Paranormal Investigations and Research (HPIR).

October 2011 with Clint and Judy of WTCR. overnight broadcast. (HPIR was contacted to appear for this investigation).

The Dead Files on Travel Channel even did an investigation in August 2012.


Skeptics Point of View

1. Inconsistency of lavina’s death.

2. Inconsistency of lavina’s reason for haunting the office.

3. Location of office.

4. reporting to local media about encounters.

The Blennerhassett Hotel
by Kelsey Dowler
Constructed the hotel

Main known ghost

Wearing a three-piece suit, slick black hair, with a beard; sometimes top hat and cane

Smoke circles from his portrait

Smell cigar from around his portrait

Issue when taken down

Glowing anomaly around portrait

Skeptic perspective

William Chacellor
Lavina Wall
Sobbing Woman/Library
First National Bank of Parkersburg where library is now

Truck missed turn, killed woman

Books fly from their spot

Playing tag in hallway on second floor, laughing and running

Newspaper Boy in kitchen, pulling sleeves of the cooks

4 O'clock Knocker
Knocks of the door that goes to the coffee bar in the AM

Very sporadic, may not hear from for months or even knocks during the day

West Virginia Penitentiary
by Elizabeth Russo
818 Jefferson Avenue
Moundsville, WV 26041

Brief History
Was in operation from 1867 to 1995.

85 men were hanged in the gallows

9 men were electrocuted

The cells were 9 x 7, which the WV Supreme Court ruled cruel and unusual punishment which was the beginning of the end for this prison

Closed its doors in 1995

Maintenance Man – lived in the basement and is the most often seen ghost. He snitched on inmates and they eventually killed him with “homemade” knives.

Inmate Roberts – haunts his cell block and the room he died in. Supposedly reported that his body was buried behind a wall.

Arvil Paul Adkins – thought to haunt the gallows area. He was hanged here.

Hauntings (cont.)
The hotbed of paranormal activity happens in the winter recreation room in the basement.

It is also called the Sugar Shack.

No one was killed here, but it is said that a lot of violence occurred here due to it being loosely supervised.

Tours and overnight stays are offered http://www.wvpentours.com

G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team) visited in 2005-2006 http://www.ohioghosthunter.com/ghosthuntmoundsvillewvpenitentiary.html

1. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Victoria, Australia

Originally called Mayday Hill Lunatic Asylum (1867-1995)

1200 patients and 9000 patients died
2. The Princess Theatre

Haunted by Frederici
(Fredrick Baker)

Italian singer died on stage in 1888 from a heart attack
3. The Bhanghar Fort
India, District Rajasthan

Built in 1573

Cursed by wizard that fell in love with the princess of Bhanghar

Invaded & towns people along with the princess were killed

4. Suicide Forest
Aokigahara, Japan

Hundreds of people journey there to kill themselves

No longer publicized because of fear of encouraging suicides during times of famine in ancient Japan
5. Iulia Hasdeu Castle
Campina, Romania

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, who built the castle, praticed spiritualism to reconnect to his dead 19-year old daughter.

Claims Iulia walls around the courtyard in a white dress and holding Daisies.

She also plays the piano each night.
Early Civilization
Belief in Shades – Miasma Theory

Veneration of the Dead - to avoid illness by angry spirits

Religious views on Afterlife (Ereshkigal/Anubis/East Asia Ancestor)

Doctrine of Purgatory “Limbo”

Early 1500s

Money quickened the purification process of purgatory

Early Roman Catholicism
Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
by Carrie Maxey
Location: Weston, WV
Date of Operation: 1864 until 1994

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is also known as the Weston State Hospital.

The hospital was originally designed to hold a maximum of 250 people.

In the 1950s it was overcrowded with 2,600 patients.

In the 1980s the treatments of mental illness changed.

Most severely mentally ill patients were locked up.

The end result was a new hospital being built leaving the Asylum vacant.

Paranormal Phenomena Reports
Civil War Wing

The asylum played a key role during the Civil War. This wing provided barracks and the main part served as a stable.

There have been many reported sightings of a soldier named Jacob. He has been seen wondering the area many of times.

Fourth Floor

This floor is the most active with paranormal reports,

Many have hears strange sounds and banging, voices, whispering, and what seems to be a constant conversation going on even though no one is talking

Paranormal Phenomena Reports (cont.)
This room, known as Lilly’s room, is also located on the fourth floor.

Lilly is a little girl who only lived a few hours, but many say her spirit lived to be age three and stopped.

Lilly is known for having a sweet tooth. Many say that they have heard her giggles or sensed her presence and then would discover candy bars missing.

TAPS Investigation
The Atlantic Paranormal Society of the TV show “Ghost Hunters” did investigations at the asylum.

They got evidence of banging sounds, a woman’s laugh, an EVP saying “Go Home” and also an apparition of something standing in the corner.

TAPs declared that the asylum to be haunted.

The Ridges
by Bill Brooks
Opened 1874 in Athens Ohio as the Athens Lunatic Asylum

Held Civil War veterans with PTSD, Women
having trouble raising multiple children, and the “insane”

Doctors thought the beautiful setting would help patients

Doctors performed experimental lobotomies at the facility that killed many patients.

Also used shock therapy and water treatments.

Opened a TB ward in 1924.

Self sufficient institution.

The Ridges officially closed in 1993.

Went through 9 official name changes in its history.

Athens Lunatic Asylum - Athens Asylum for the Insane -Athens State Hospital- Southeastern Ohio Mental Health Center -Athens Mental Health Center- Southeastern Ohio Mental Health and Retardation Center- Athens Mental Health and Developmental Center -Athens Mental Health Center -The Ridges


The Stain
The Cemeteries
There are about 2,000 people buried at the 3 cemeteries on the grounds.

There are only numbers on the gravestones, no names.

On December 1, 1978 Margaret Schilling went missing from one of the active wards. She was found 6 weeks later dead. Her body left a stain on the floor that is still there today.

Wilson Hall and the Pentagram
Supposedly the ridges and Wilson Hall sits in the middle of a pentagram if you connect lines between five surrounding cemeteries.

There are over 100 cemeteries in Athens County so you can pretty much make any shape you want.

In 1975, supposedly, a student named Debbie Southall, who was reported to worship Satan, touched the stain and reported being followed by the spirit. She allegedly committed suicide in room 428. It was said that she had a shrine set up in her room and painted symbols in the wall in her own blood when she killed herself. This led to no one wanting to stay in the room and it was converted to a boiler room.

Although Southaw did live in Wilson Hall on the 4th floor, she (or anyone) never committed suicide in Wilson. In fact, she was interviewed by the Athens Post in an October 1978 article about the alleged hauntings there. She said she had never been to the Asylum. Also, Margaret Schilling didn’t die until 2 months after the interview so Southall could not have touched the stain.

Room 428
Baker Mansion
Located at 3419 Oak Lane, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602

Owner was Ironmaster Elias Baker and his family

Built in 1849

Became a museum in 1922

Anna Baker
Picked out her wedding dress

Forbidden to marry her beloved

Elizabeth Dysart wore the dress

Died in 1914

Paranormal Activity
• Baker family is said to haunt the entire mansion

• 2 year old boy taking the Halloween tour

• Wedding dress

Skeptics View
• Weak or loose floorboards

• Drafts of wind

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by Jamie McConnell
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