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Rev. Dr. John Flynn

No description

Ashley Vu

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Rev. Dr. John Flynn

Rev. Dr. John Flynn
Biographical Information
This magnificent and clever man was given birth to by Rosetta, on the 25th of November, in 1880. His parents were Rosetta and Thomas. He was the third born in his family. He was the second boy in his family. John was given birth to at a suburb in Victoria, Moliagul. There his childhood began.
John's Mother died when he was in his early childhood. Rosetta's sister offered to help Thomas raise one of his children. He was a extremely busy man, for he was a teacher at school. Thomas considered her offer, he trusted Rosetta sister. Then, John was raised by his mother's sister. As you may be thinking, no big deal, she lives near her Sister's husband, but no. She lived in Sydnay. So john came up with her to Sydney to live with his Aunty. He got reunited with his whole family at the age of five.
How did John get motivated?
After reunites with his beloved ones again, he then lived a normal life with his dad and siblings. His Dad always brings then along on a journey through Catholic times. Thomas regularly told them stories about Jesus and his miracles, healing, and teachings. John was inspired by those stories. He just was so interested in the outback of Australia and the lives of the people who live there. To put it into short terms, Jesus' stories motivated John into what he did in the later years.
He studied hard in his school years. John's journey began by inspirational stories of Jesus Christ. The second step of his career was becoming a teacher.

Jesus is healing a man with John's father spoke
a disease called leper. the word of the our
heavenly Father, by
reading from the
What did John do to help others?
John was first inspired by Jesus, through the stories Thomas (John's Dad) told him. He then attended bible classes. He was well educated in both primary and high school. John then attended university.
After university, he was a teacher of the Victorian Education Department. Soon after John began teaching, he soon desired a change of careers. John wanted to change from teacher, to a Presbyterian Minister.
Later on, he was a part of a Presbyterian Minster. As I wrote in the earlier slides, he had an interest for the outback. Mr Flynn started off his new journey in the outback.
He traveled around, the outback looking for people in need of healing. He would come across some people, he then would heal their wounds and injuries.
A group of people then got interested of what John did, then they joined him on his mission. That was when the Royal Flying Doctor Service established.
Bible References
John and Jesus have acted many things, some of their acts are similar, and somethings the same. Jesus heals people who needs help ~ John travels in the outback of Australia to bandaged and give help to people who have injuries.
Matthew 9:27-34 - Jesus Heals the Blind and the Mute.
Matthew 9:1-8
Luke 5:12-15
Luke 5:17-26
Mark 1:40-45
There are many other passages, but if I list them, it would be as long as the distance from Earth to Jupiter!

Ashley Vu
My bibliography is on another attachment that was sent with the assignment itself.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your co-operation.
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