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Paperless University

No description

Megan Underwood

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Paperless University

Possible Approaches
Approach #1:
Project Tablet

Approach #2:
Blackboard Centered Campus
Project Tablets
Replace laptop program with Windows Tablet program

Blackboard-Centered Campus
Mandatory use of Blackboard for all classes
eBooks available on Blackboad
Create a Blackboard App for mobile devices

Solutions Explained
Textbook Cost Comparisons
Villanova University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 3900: Professional Development
Paperless University
Kenna Bryan, Katie Gallagher, Shannon Lemmer & Megan Underwood
After University Approval
Villanova BlackboardApp Design
Implement Mandatory Use of Blackboard
Order Tablets
Train TechZone Workers
Customize Tablets
Distribute Tablets to students

Tablet Comparisons
Access to Villanova University App
Computers to program on
Program to write/compile code for Blackboard App
4 Programmers
TechZone workers to image tablets
Facilities & Resources
Get tablet program approved by Villanova
Implement better use of BlackBoard
Develop BlackBoard application
Find eBooks for Villanova classes
Order/Customize tablets
Distribute tablets to students
Major Tasks








18 weeks
(4 weeks)
(4 weeks)
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
24 weeks

Villanova Savings
Implementation of the program:
Cost of Laptop Program

Cost of Tablet Program
$930, 416
Training 2 Tech Zone Employees = $800
4 Programmers = $16,200
Cost of Tablet Program = $930,416

TOTAL=$947, 416
SAVINGS =$1,685,510
Printing Cost Before
Printing Cost After
SAVINGS = $294,660
Create a paperless University
Cut the use of heavy & expensive textbooks
Reduce printer usage on Villanova's campus
Submit all assignments online
Start using eBooks
Project Description
TOTAL = $1,980,170
School Supplies
Not Needed
Economically Friendly
Accessibility to Textbook
in Class
Lower Student Print Money
Less back pain
Handouts available on Blackboard

Can be difficult to
study from tablet
Frequent upgrades
Internet is necessary
Implementation Cost

Our Solution:
Combine Tablet Program with Use of Blackboard

Greater Philly Area Schools

Major Universities
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