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Muckrakers & Consumer Awareness

No description

Dana Taylor

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Muckrakers & Consumer Awareness

The Progressive Era
Political Corruption
Impact on Consumer Awareness
Current Day Muckrakers
Examples of Political Corruptions and Scandals:
Consumer Awareness: The understanding by an individual of their rights as a consumer concerning available products and services being marketed and sold.

Muckrakers have influenced how consumers view the industries that they purchase goods and services from. Muckrakers exposed the flaws that the industries tried to conceal from the public eye.

Current day social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. have allowed people to voice and express their own opinions and views on certain subjects. Some people take full advantage of these websites and expose the truth to the public; people who might have had the same first hand experiences.
Thursday, September 12, 1895
Who Are They & What Did They Do?
Muckrakers were American Journalists who wrote for well known magazines and other forms of literature.

They had a passion to expose the social ills and political corruptions in society that the public did not know about.

Muckrakers are related to the Progressive Era, a time when journalism and an urge for reform were prevalent.

They investigated and interviewed political and other types of representatives, and are known for creating watchdog journalism.
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Muckrakers & Consumer Awareness
The Progressive Era was a period in which political reform and social activism were widespread in the United States.

The Progressive Presidents were:
Theodore Roosevelt
William Howard Taft
Woodrow Wilson

Goal was to eliminate political corruption by getting rid of corrupt representatives.
1890 - 1920
Political Corruption Defined:
The abuse of political power by the government leaders to extract and accumulate for private enrichment, and to use politically corrupt means to maintain their hold on power.
Alexander Caldwell - Bribery

Frank Ballance - Mail Fraud

The Watergate scandal

Rod Blagojevich - selling Obama's congressional seat
Famous Muckrakers
Upton Sinclair wrote
The Jungle
, which exposed the poor sanitary conditions of the meat packing industry.

Ida Tarbell wrote
The History of the Standard Oil Company
, exposing John D. Rockefeller as being miserable, money-hungry, and how he was monopolizing the oil trade industry.

David Graham Phillips wrote "The Treason of the Senate," which exposed people who were being payed to promote certain Senatorial Campaigns.

Ray Stannard Baker published "The Right to Work" which was about poor coal mine conditions.
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