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Portfolio Review

No description

Adam Dallmann

on 29 April 2017

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Transcript of Portfolio Review

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Building Blocks
What a portfolio means to me

My transition from academia to hysteria

Feedback that fuels my efforts
Beat Rush
A product pitch that I created for a pre workout supplement that doubles as protein.

Targeted a specific segment of the market that wasn't being focused on.

Use the marketing mix strategy to elicit a desired response from this target market.

Fall somewhere between production and theory.

Gained invaluable experience that will assist me in professional career.

Thank you for helping me develop marketable skills.

End of an Era

Press release was part of Great American Rib press kit for a New Years Eve party focusing on the taste of American in the form of Buffalo wings.

Provided insight on the importance of choosing the appropriate medium to advertising and promote a company.

Allowed me to better understand how integral press releases are as a free Public Relations tool.
Portfolio Review
Start of
Great American Rib Press Release
Trash to Treasure
An event that based on a involving local schools in a recycling competition.

Engaged the local community and raised awareness on reusing trash in a positive and artistic way.

The Usual Villains
Scripted and created a treatment for a film called the Usual Villains.

Emphasized the importance of using a treatment to highlight elements of the screenplay through vivid and descriptive writing.

Structured layout of the script and treatment provided a challenging and enjoyable understanding of the intricacies of designing a story for a film.

Coalition Campaign
Stoplight Lover Boy
Interactive Comic
Baan Boran IMC
Coalition Campaign
Short internal monologue.

Instilled more awareness on non-verbal communication .

Demonstrated how to convey emotions through body language and camera angles.

Designed a storyline scenario for a interactive comic book educating about food waste.

Required a great deal of coordination amongst other writers in order to ensure the smooth flow of the overall narrative.

Afforded me the opportunity to work within a small team and see how each members provided different contributions to the assembly of the book.

Developed an IMC campaign for a local massage shop.

Exposed me to the strategies and tactics that go into integrated marketing.

Created an awareness campaign for a coalition based on climate change.

Illustrated how to build a coalition and utilize the different factions of a community to serve various purposes.

Reaffirmed how to apply different strategies and tactics to better appeal to the intended stakeholders.
Tower of Training
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